Holidays are over and September is a bit like a new year starting: kids go back to school, the old routine is waiting for you just around the corner of the office. Some (boring) things can't be avoided, but why not giving a touch of color and new life to your office or school desk, and to these September days in general? We have some ideas to suggest you, of course...


It's "back to school" again, but in a different way and for everyone, not just for kids. With this Whimshurst kit you can assemble a little replica of the electrostatic generator created by James Whimshurst in 1880. Turn its handle and two rotating vinyl discs (included) will generate enough static to let sparkles fly between its metallic spheres. Learning by doing in the finest way.


School is hard, so may the Force be with you. Literally: with this 3D-printed pencil sharpener. Maybe Darth Vader isn't the best teacher you should have, but a bit of Dark Side comes in handy sometimes.


Simple but useful: MacBlock is a 3D-printed stand which turns an Apple MacBook Pro into a desktop workstation. A 2.5" external drive can also be inserted in its base and connected to the Mac. It's made in biodegradable PLA plastic, for a more environment-friendly office desk.


Checkers, anyone? A Pacman-themed checker board is something you can't miss and this one - DamaPac Level 257 - comes also with its cardboard bag, so you can always have it with you. You can play as Pacman, like we all did in the old 80s videogame, or change your point of view and fight with the little ghosts.


Books to read, books to study: a new bookshelf is always useful because space seems never enough. Mod can help: it's a modular bookshelf formed by four double-faced elements you can also rotate, to create a new shape every day. It's made in MDF with white finishing and available with different graphic decorations.


Studying electronics? Good, now it's time to have some fun with it. The Arduino Starter Kit is your first step in the Open Hardware world and includes all you need to complete 15 electronic projects based on Arduino UNO logic board (included).


Electronics again, but easier. Bare Conductive's Robot Parade Flashing Card Pack is a set of 30 cards kids can use to learn how electric circuits work. They will draw circuits on the cards using a special conductive ink, learn about polarity, connect LEDs and batteries to bring each robot to life.


Your desk is a mess? Well, you're not alone. But now there's Ked, a little desktop organizer where you can put your smartphone, your pens and all those little things you have in your pockets. It's made in laser-cut plywood.


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