Passion and a strong desire to experiment are the engine moving Indastria Design: from the encounter of designer Claudio Girardi with woodworker Diego Gaspari sprouted many projects on the border between new technologies and Italian craftsmanship heritage. It's a renewal of tradition through innovative tools, opening new roads and at the same time strongly recalling old Italian art and craftsmanship. We talked with Claudio and Diego to learn something more about their approach to design.


Claudio Girardi and Diego Gaspari

What are your products inspired by?
We're inspired by craftsmanship, intended as freedom to develop and test new concepts which are independent from market logic. Products whose main elements are sustainability and customization.

Which object are you especially proud of?
Our snap-fit line Pregadio, especially the coat-hanger, is certainly our best creation: it's simple, light and at the same time you can't miss it. It's also very easy to assemble and carry.

L’appendiabiti della linea Pregadio: innovazione e semplicità.

Pregadio coat-hanger

Which techniques and materials do you use, and why?
The material we like most is wood: in natural or lacquered finishing, combined with little metallic elements or with digital printing. Wood is a sustainable material offering - if used "smartly", in projects leveraging all existing techniques and also manual skills - a very good price-quality ratio.

Why did you choose self-production?
Because self-production is a synthesis of creativity and manufacturing: it lets you manage all the production chain, from product concept to final sale. With this way of "making" design you're free to experiment and follow new roads, using both innovative technologies and "old" skills.

Tasche Bucate. Arredo modulare che diventa spazio espositivo

Tasche Bucate. A modular piece of furniture

Why did you join MEME and what did you get from it?
MEME, from the very beginning, seemed a project able to go beyond the typical three-days self-produced design festivals. We've been especially impressed by their motivation to make self-producers' reality known to the widest possible audience, most of all professionals and trade associations. This, we believe, is the only way to make this new way of design survive. MEME was very interesting for its contents and therefore for our personal growth.

Il tavolino ABI raddoppia le funzionalità. Da puro volume bianco, a mobile versatile e colorato

ABI's double face: from a pure white volume to a versatile and colored table

What can you tell us about your future projects?
Our products are based on ideas which are sometimes very simple, sometimes more complicated, but always characterized by their own style. We started with boxy-modular and customizable elements, a concept we had tested in interior design and in custom-made furniture manufacturing. Then we changed course with Pregadio snap-fit line, which came from my personal desire to develop a more sustainable and identifiable design and from practical issues, like having products easy to carry and with an intelligent use of materials.

We have a lot projects. We have notes and sketches everywhere, scattered across our office and our lab, but in self-production you must constrain this strong push to always do new things, keeping an eye on planning and costs! Before next Fall we should be ready with a Pregadio lamp and a new fix-it piece with recycled elements. We can hardly wait to introduce them to you all!

Now, have a look at Indastria Design's new creations on their store.




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