We on MakeTank don't have flash sales, but today we're proposing some items of our catalog at even more interesting prices, to thank those who believed in our project. Objects which aren't made in the series, but innovative and original creations waiting just for you. Here are some examples you can find in our Special Offers section, open until July 31st, and that you should absolutely not let go!


Summer has already begun, and if you want to spend some time having fun with your kids under the umbrella on the seaside, or sitting in a hut in the Dolomites, Girigogolo’s BO-BOAT challenge between the seas board game will surely fascinate you. Roll the dice, move the vessels on the board and find the best route to catch more fish than your opponents. But watch out for sharks and pirates, who are always lurking, and be ready to take away the booty. You'll need not only tactics but also a good dose of luck to succeed. All game pieces are made of poplar wood, and do not worry to get a box: everything will stay in a bag of cotton (included), so you can always bring a little fun with you. (for kids aged 8 years and over, 33 € instead of 37)


Do not miss the butterflies making up this Dario Scapitta Design’s necklace, otherwise it will fly away! Entirely made with 3D printing, this jewel manages to stand out at any occasion, light and graceful as the little friends with wings stylized in its forms, without being excessive. It is available with its elegant gift box in our Special Offers section. (55 € instead of 65, still for a few days!)


If you are looking for the right opportunity to change your decor and bring a little magic into your home, WLamp with its lamps creates light and imaging effects on the paper lampshade, visible only when the lamp is lit. Because it's only after sunset that you will discover what's hidden for the eyes of the curious. Available in various designs and in Streets of New York’s special series, in Total Black. (with all lamps at a special price of 30 €, you'll save 10 € per lamp) .


When tradition and innovation meet and talk to each other. Paolapaolinidesign managed to combine three generations of women of her family, creating a necklace made of crocheted cotton by her mother following her grandmother's design, the same design reproduced in the element she makes in laser-cut polyester. A unique gem, which brings with it the roots and the future of Italian craftsmanship. The real one. You can buy it here on our marketplace, choosing from four versions and many different colors (now at 40 € instead of a starting price of 60)


Now you will have no excuse for leaving your books and magazines around the house, thanks to this Indastria Design’s bookcase called Pregadio. A wonderful, simple and original piece of furniture, where you can proudly show your personal library. Easy to assemble and disassemble without screws or glue, it's composed of four shelves, usable from both sides, and completely made of birch and beech woods. Your favorite novels can finally rest easy. (now at 342 €, with a saving of almost 150 €)


Your outfit will take an oriental touch with the Arabesque Parure created by DarqCreations. Both medallion and earrings are made in laser-cut wood and then hand painted. Objects not only eco- friendly but also with a unique style, able to take your mind through the Marrakech’s streets and souks. Buying the whole parure you'll save 10%: just 49.50 €, international shipping included.


Smartphones are almost a part of our bodies but they also need to be recharged, so microstudio decided to create a location for them too. Made in laser-cut plexiglas, this stand enables us to keep our phone near the outlet, with no risk to see it falling at any moment. A simple object which is able to simplify our lives. To complicate our lives there are already smartphones. You can find microstudio's phone holders in three funny shapes in our Special Offers section. (10 €)


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