It's called Modio and it's a new free iPad app you can use to design little pose-able fantasy monsters and creatures and then to print them using a desktop 3D printer. Modio was created by a group of entrepreneurs who love 3D printing but think that there are no tools easy enough to let anyone design his/her own little toys.


To design a new character, in Modio you have just to assemble its body parts taking them from a pre-defined set of components. You can't - at the moment - design your own parts but you can customize each body part changing its color, texture and surface shapes. Modio app is periodically updated with new body parts and new characters.

Modio checks that all components are properly connected and assembled. You can also "animate" your creation directly on the iPad screen, pulling and pushing its body parts with multitouch gestures.


When character design is completed, you can ask Modio to prepare the printing files. Modio is compatible with many MakerBot printers and it optimizes the components' positions on the printing plate based on which model we use, how many different colors we have chosen and whether we want to print the body parts in their standard dimensions or not. The resulting STL files can be downloaded directly form the iPad or uploaded to the MakerBot Cloud Library.


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