Software development today is fairly "pro" stuff, but in the next future writing code won't be so technical anymore. Alongside traditional programming languages, new and simpler ones are spreading, such as Programming for Arduino sketches and Apple's new Swift for iOS apps. Maybe writing code won't be so easy that anyone will do it, but it surely will become - and for many Makers already is - the best option to create something really "personal". But to make programming more popular we also must to leave the code-crunching-nerd stereotype behind, we have to connect writing code with other more appealing concepts: creativity and expressing oneself.

Google launched a new campaign, called Make With Code, which aims to make programming more interesting for the very opposite of the nerdy type: teenager girls. Make With Code wants to show that writing code you can create many beautiful things and have fun at the same time. That's why - it's only natural, we believe - the campaign leverages many Makers' world topics and people: among Make With Code mentors we have Ayah Bdeir and Limor Fried, respectively founders of littleBits and Adafruit, and one of the first main projects it's related to 3D printing.

On Make With Code website you can use a very simple visual programming language - it's so simple it doesn't even seems a programminga language, but it is - to design a plastic bracelet with a customizable writing. When the (supposedly) teenager programmer likes her creation enough, she can save an image of it or, better, send it to Shapeways, which is one of the partners in this Google project. Shapeways 3D prints the customized bracelet for free and then sends it to its programmer: the link between code and beauty becomes immediately tangible. As Google says for Make With Code: "You code it. A 3D printer prints it. You flaunt it".


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