Did you think the age of wireless electricity was already upon us? Well, brace yourself for the breakthrough Bare Conductive struck. As a British company, Bare Conductive is a technology and design studio focusing on combining design with electronics. However, their brightest idea was the development of conductive paint.

The idea was conceived by a group of friends that attended the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London while working on a student project. After graduating, they decided to bring their college idea to life. As a company dedicated to making electronics accessible to everyone, their breakthrough is sure to bring new meaning to the color-electrifying yellow!


If conductive paint wasn't cool enough, Bare Conductive does more in the field of innovation. In addition to paint capable of carrying a current, they have also created Touch Boards. Touch Boards are, in short, Arduino-compatible boards designed to be used with conductive paint to interact with their surroundings. Essentially, one can change the surfaces of the world around them into an interactive and responsive sensor.

Touch Boards are a new product and should be shipping next September, but Bare Conductive for sure has no problem of trust and anticipation for their products: back in 2009, Bare Conductive set out with a goal of raising 15,000 pounds to support their endeavors and they have far exceeded that with over 120,000 pounds raised.


With a variety of kits, Bare Conductive's products provide a range of tools for teaching students and individuals of all ages the fundamentals of electronics and circuits. With this fun, interactive and creative way to assist teaching, students are sure to retain knowledge like never before. Although this company is still young and the products are focused on playful interactions with electricity, this paint may be the future of interior decorating as well as circuitry. It could even go on to transform the interior painter into the professional electrician.


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