It’s that time of the year, when it’s summer and the living is easy. However, don’t forget you have to stay fashionable in what you wear: let’s keep it to white and reds today. Ready? Here we go!

First things first, don’t spend time choosing a top and bottom that match. Take the easy way out, choose this Angelic White dress from Sheike. Low cut, it says party in the front! Okay, white is bright, now to compliment it with the rest in red. Let’s accessorize with red-heeled sandals from Dior and a smashing red clutch from Balenciaga to go with the heels.

You got this look and all you need it the accessories on your arm and neck to finish it. Get your necklace and bracelet in red from the Black Rose collection by Dario Scapitta Design available on our website! They're both made in 3D-printed nylon and available not only in red but also in black, blue and purple.



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