The World Cup may be far from home but MakeTank products don't have to be. With the World Cup under way in the host country of Brazil, what better way to celebrate a rich and cultured event than with your own Brazil-themed green-and-yellow products from MakeTank. Go for the goal and score a major win with any of our festive World Cup inspired gifts. With electrifying yellow and bold green, this color combination is just the edge you need for the sunny summer days ahead.


Seats may be sold out in the World Cup stadium, but now is your chance to score one and catch the big game in style. Although inspired by the delicious French pastries - macaroons - this sunny yellow, 3-legged Makastool Bergamotto possesses flare reminiscent of the traditional Brazilian Carnival yet is composed of a sleek and modern design. Even amidst the cheering of crazed soccer fans, this piece is sure to make a loud statement. (€ 189.00)


Count down the seconds to your favorite team's win in the World Cup with this funky and chic Table Clock. Constructed out of lime green methacrylate, this Tribu creation exemplifies their desire to express creativity, fine italian craftsmanship and innovation in a single product. With its mesmerizing patterns, trying to keep your eyes on the World Cup and not glued to this clock is easier said than done. Resist the temptation. (€ 35.00)


Unleash your inner child with this bright and whimsical robot inspired brooch. Beautifully crafted using 3D printing technology by Selvaggia Armani, this brooch is sure to expose your playful side. Worn alone or in a pair, mix and match these jolly robots to represent the colors of your favorite World Cup Team. (€ 19.00)


Take a bite out of fashion with this juicy apple pendant necklace. Crafted of laser-cut acrylic by En=Joy, the design is meant to evoke the image of twin souls united. Available in transparent red, green or yellow, mix and match these beautiful pendants to represent the colors of your favorite World Cup team. (€ 18.00)


Ever imagined the wonders cardboard and recyclable material could produce? So has Thin-k! Crafting quality and stylish furniture, they design home decor out of simple and sustainable cardboard. Composed of reinforced and coated cardboard, this Kiwi green lamp is sure to brighten any and every room. With its bright green complexion, this Kiwi lamp is the perfect accessory to highlight your devotion to the Brazilian World Cup team. (€ 24.50)


Don't let physical distance prevent you from rooting for your favorite World Cup team. Wear their colors boldly on your wrist with this fashionable laser-cut felt chain bracelet. Created by Claudia Bignoli, cbdisegno produces traditional accessories and furniture, but with innovative new technologies. With this item, take the tradition of rooting for your favorite World Cup team into the 21st century. (€ 25)


Looking for something unique to wear for all occasions, including the World Cup in Brazil? Then look no further. The Plexijap necklace is made up of lasercut plexiglass and Japanese chirimen silk, all in lime and forest green. It is the perfect thing for you. Nothing will scream Brazil more than this accessory around your neck during the big game. (€ 28)


What could be better than a laser cut mustache necklace? How about a laser cut mustache necklace made up of the Brazil’s national colors while watching the World Cup? Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, these necklaces are available in different shades of green or yellow, as well as 16 other colors elegantly fastened to either a gold or silver chain. (€ 25)


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