If you think 3D-printed dresses are only for experimental stylists, you're not completely right anymore. Designer Francis Bitonti worked with Makerbot to create Bristle Dress, a two-piece dress which can be 3D-printed with a personal printer and - this is the nicest part - can be downloaded from Thingiverse. It's a step forward, says Bitonti, to a future where we'll download haute-couture dresses to make them ourselves, personalized with our creativity.


Bristle Dress comes from one of the New Skins workshops Bitonti organizes in Great Britain and the United States. The workshops are studied to explore the potentialities of computational design - using digital technologies like 3D modeling to solve design-related issues - applied in textiles, dresses and texture design. New Skins workshops usually end with the collective creation of an actual object, Bristle Dress is one of them.

Bristle Dress is composed by two pieces. The upper part must be printed in translucent PLA to give a sense of preciousness and volume. The skirt was created using a more flexible filament to give a sense of motion and flexibility. It's also lined with synthetic fur.


If you want to test yourself with 3D printing and fashion, the whole dress is downloadable from Thingiverse. Documentation explains that you can customize just the skirt and that the Replicator 2 desktop printer is the only model compatible with the flexible filament needed to print it.


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