3D printing isn't just for technology and customized design lovers, it's also a tool to make (literally) life better: with this idea in mind MakeTank, Thingarage and Vectorealism created their new 3DPRINTforAID contest. We want to select an object which can be printed with any 3D printer, is socially useful and (possibly) is an humanitarian support for underdeveloped countries.


Every idea is welcome, from objects eliminating architectural barriers to components which can improve food and water distribution and availability. Contest participants can choose the social issue they consider the most urgent and invent a creative solution to solve it, in developed as in underdeveloped countries.

Participation in 3DPRINTforAID - a project involving also ActionAid and Impact Hub Firenze - is free and open to all designers, 3D artists, firms, groups of designers, associations and non-profit organizations. You can submit up to three projects, which of course must not involve other products already on the market and must adhere to all legal rules, from copyright to safety regulations.


Projects can be submitted from this page and contest deadline is Tuesday, September 23rd 2014.

The contest jury will select only one winning project but also some "honorable mentions". The winner will have the first prototype of his/her project realized at the expense of the contest promoters and will join us at Rome Maker Faire 2014 (October, 2nd-4th 2014) with a coverage of travel/accomodation expenses (only for one Designer or Project Leader and up to a maximum of 200 euros).


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