Mother’s Day is coming up, and with care and love should we gift our favorite holiday presents. Here are some new and unique gifts found exclusively on MakeTank that your Mom will love.


Dario Scapitta Design - Rose 3D Bracelet: This light and flexible armband is not only comfortable, but brings out the spirit of the summer days ahead. Elegant and glamorous, this armband comes in beautiful colors and is sure to make Mom smile. (€65)


DBLab Design - Necklace With Key Pendant: This beautiful key pendant comes with one black key, and the option of 7 colors for the other, second hanging key. Also available with gold or silver chains, this atoxic and water-repellant pendant is a beautiful accessory. (€25)


Studio MP - Nature Pochette Bag: This beautiful leather clutch radiants an earthy vibe on the outside, and a youthful satin lining on the inside. A simple product designed in a unique way, this is not the typical leather clutch. (€30)


Amir Alizade - Partou Candle Holder: Do you know any lady who doesn’t like candles? What better gift for your mother, than a tea candle holder? With a reserve for up to 4 more tea lights, this is an ideal gift. (€20)


W Lamp - Dandelion Paper Lamp: Light up her bedside table, or her work table with one of these lamps from the dandelion paper lamp collection. (€30)


Microstudio - Photoframe: All mothers love a photo of their children. A photo frame from this collection of frames with individual animals (not only sheeps, by the way) on them would always make her smile when she looks at it! (€20)


mymoodmydesign - Fabric Bracelet: Buy her something simple, but something different. This lace strip of fabric with a button is new and something she can dress up or down, on a normal day. (€20)


Darqcreations - Oriental Flower earrings: Pretty flower earrings for your pretty mama. Laser cut and enhanced by plain beads, or if you prefer, heart shaped beads! (€17)


openPicus - WEEZY Bluetooth Music Receiver: Ditch the wires and docks and connect your music player to this sleek, colorful bluetooth music player. Perfect for any music loving mom. (€59)


DSquadro - Eco-Friendly Abat-Jour Lamp: Available in six color sketches and absolutely radiating, this bedside lamp will not only light up the bedroom but provide a nice warmth to your night’s sleep. It also serves as a bedside stand. (€80)


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