Every competition is a collection of stories and our DesignWinMake 3D Edition contest is no different: we told you about the winner, Sara Barroccu, but also runners-up have stories worth telling. Let's start from Twist of Fate by Troy Nachtigall, which took the second place. Troy has been part of our 'family' since the very beginning and still amazes us with his creativity. Twist of Fate is 'just' a new Maker challenge.


Twist of Fate was born in a strange way, tells Troy: "I was working on a lamp and testing algebraic formulas. Algebra can be really boring when it's just theory, but if you start using it to design and 3D print, it can become interesting. So, while I was working on my lamp I created a shape and, looking at it, I decided it would be nice to use it for a necklace. I started printing and after four prototypes I got the final version. It's a bit ironic, but the hardest part to make was the closure, so - all in all - algebra isn't that complicated!"

Twist of Fate is 3D-printed and Troy tells us that "A 3D printer follows just a few rules, but they're clear. Of course, with printers like the Matrix you can bend some rules and ignore others, but a Good Design comes only when a Maker keeps a close relationship with the device he/she uses. When you understand how to add strength and lightness at the same time, you're working your magic. To make an example: with plastic surfaces, slight changes in a 3D model can transform an object's tactile feeling".

Our jury selected Twist of Fate because it's a fashion accessory: light, contemporary, it can give a modern touch to every look. And, of course, it's perfectly aligned with the spirit of this edition of DesignWinMake.


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