Holidays are approaching, moms have the difficult task of choosing the right gift for their children’s teachers! How to choose an original, and not very expensive, gift for who supported our sons and daughters day after day from September to June? We have some suggestions for any budget.



For traditional teachers, but with a touch of uniqueness, at 50 euros you can buy the amazing Arabesque parure with earrings and necklace. Made with laser-cut and hand-painted wood, in silver and green nuances, this parure will get any teacher noticed during her well deserved summer nights!

At the same price (a little less, actually: 49 euros) you can buy something always useful in any house: a vase. Especially those from the Vanity series, available in Tall (long and slim) or Round (short and fat) versions, in white or black. Made in wood, they are wall-mounted and ideal for both artificial or dried flowers. Very original!

Increase your budget to 75 euros to get the perfect gift for up-to-date and geek teachers: an USB ring made with laser-cut plexiglas elements, with a little pendrive inside. So they’ll never leave at home school documents, keeping them in this trendy ring!


Eli centerpiece set

If your teacher is fond of contemporary interior design, this set is the ideal gift: Eli is a combination of three bowls, perfect to give a stylish touch to any table. Introduced at Fuorisalone Milan 2014, they form a blooming floral creation that you can personalize in an infinite game of combinations and compositions. 95 euros.

At 99 eurosMerletto necklace is the perfect gift for teacher of any age and taste. It mixes a 3D printed part made in sintered polyamide with a classic silk ribbon that makes the jewel light and precious. Available in many different colours with a lovely branded bag. And next year you can give your teacher the Dentelle bracelet, entirely 3D-printed, to create the perfect parure.



For romantic teachers we suggest a contemporary Pebble watercolour, inspired by nature with its infinite range of colours. The author uses the best quality paper and pigments and sends you the painting in a special gift box and, if you need it, with an handwritten card. For 120 euros.

And for who taught our children geography every day? Now let’s discover together the different countries of the world on this aluminum wall clock called “Mondo” (“World” in Italian). Perfect to decorate our teacher’s home and for people who like to travel! Each piece is handmade and therefore unique. At 140 euros.


Cubo 8

The top (210 euros) of our list is Cubo 8, an handmade pendant made in porcelain with a gold surfaceIt’s a numbered piece of a limited collection (120 pieces) made in Berlin. You can have it either with a golden plated soft bead chain or with a rigid smooth collier. And next year you can give your teacher the Azulejo earrings to make the perfect parure!

And what if your children have a male teacher? No problem, here you can find three ideas for any budget!



Let's start from Weezy (59 euros), a Bluetooth music receiver any music lover can use to listen his smartphone’s music library on any Hi-Fi stereo system, without wires and docks. Weezy wirelessly receives a Bluetooth music stream and sends it to the audio system connected to its audio interface. Easy, and spending less money than any good audio dock.

For young, hipster teachers who want to be noticed we suggest Papillon 46: it's an original resin papillon 100% made in Italy. We chose the yellow-camouflage version, but there are many other options for classic, rock and vintage outfits. At 99 euros.


Arduino Robot kit, assembled

For up-to-date teachers who love tinkering and who want to get the latest techno-stuff, nothing better than Arduino Robot, the first official Arduino kit on wheels. Arduino Robot is the result of a collective effort from an international team and proves that science can be fun to learn and… teach! Price tag: 231 euros.

Now it's time to collect the other mums’ money and choose an original present, unique because made by our Makers just for your teacher. They will remind us forever!


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