Weather experts forecast a cloudy, if not rainy, Easter this year. But we always wish us the best and that's why today we want to suggest you a light outfit for this long Easter weekend. And the next weekend too, since friday April 25th is another holiday here in Italy. So, get rid of those coats and socks, and move onto this new look for inspiration!

Work meets fashion in this very simple sky blue cotton pleated front sleeveless shirt from Jil Sander Navy. Fitting, but airy and light, it’s perfect for a spring’s day. It’s warm outside. Compliment the sky blue top with this belted skater flared jersey plain mini dress skirt available on Amazon. Flared and beige, it screams spring at work or for a lunch with friends.

Your outfit is nearly complete. Finish it off with the Raspy platform booties from Steve Madden, a brand that knows its shoes. Matching the color of the belt, the shoes will not only add to the outfit, but give you that increase in height that’s ideal. You matched the boots to the belt. Now it’s time to complement the skirt with the Jet Set Small Travel satchel from Michael Kors. Use it for a day out or while you travel.

Nothing says fun like these ribbon shaped earrings from the “gothic collection” of En=Joy Gioielli. Finally, why not matching your Samsung with your dress? The Blue Protective Open Face case with credit card holder by Monabello is a great accessory! Walk into Easter and the last weeks of this month, perfectly ready for work or fun!



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