Tuesday starts the International Furniture Fair in Milan, and we at MakeTank are spreading the joy of creative design with all. Here are a few beautifully crafted pieces that inspire creation found on our site. Many of them will be on show at a MaketTank corner hosted by CNA Milano, in Via Savona 52, at the very center of Zona Tortona of Milano Design Week.


0Lab - sGabella: Need a restful place to sit in a crowded area? Fear no more! The sGabella portable bench deploys in two simple steps and provides a comfortable place to sit anytime and anywhere. Made from recycled material, this portable powerhouse is a sure buy! (60 Euro)


24carati - I.S.O. Tripod Table: This strong, yet slim table rests on three beautiful legs and is available in three vivid colour schemes. This “identified stable object” is eye-popping with geometric beauty. (300 Euro)


Atelier Macramè - Coccinelle: This special edition cardboard design is a beautiful piece of multi-use furniture. With functions as a stool, seat and coffee table, this unique piece of furniture is the perfect complement to any room. (110 Euro)


BOV Lamps - Zep Lamp: This large desktop lamp is a well-crafted piece of art. Resembling the classic Zeppelin airship, this strong and sturdy LED lit lamp is truly a masterpiece. Made of burnished steel, brass and fabric, this lamp is truly top of the line. (1,800 Euro)


cbdisegno - Barrique Bottle Holder: This sleek plywood bottle rack can hold up to six bottles at once. Available in light or dark birch plywood. (240 Euro)


DARQDesign - Heart Shaped Coasters: These cute and spirited drink coasters bring a good vibe to any room. Laser cut and filled with love, the coasters bring that warm red everyone loves to the nearest coffee table. (13.50 Euro)


Design185 - Aluminium Wall Clock: This retro style wall clock brings back the hip looks of a beautiful wall clock. Handcrafted and unique, this clock will surely make an impression. (140 Euro)


DSquadro - Big Stool: This eco-friendly stool is original and customizable. This stool is not only original, but essential to many events and occasions. (55 Euro)


Je t’aime - Table Clock and Candlesticks Set: Simple yet radiant, these pieces combine a minimalist approach with a romantic setting. Laser cut and available in various colors. (145 Euro)


Nubex - Lumenfold Library-Lamp: Customizable and stunning in elegance, this LED lit wonder brings fashion to the classic bookcase. Made of plexiglass and available in multiple styles (including a fully customised cover!), this bookcase the best of its kind. (1,500 Euro)


Punto Rosso - “Sorriso” Smile Scooter: This cardboard and plywood made piece not only serves as beautiful artwork to any room, but also serves as a rocking chair. (170 Euro)


Thin-k - iKs35 Cardboard Lamp: Available in black or beige, this eco-lamp brings style to the room. Reinforced with plexiglass and coated cardboard, this lamp is stunning. (34.90 Euro)


Tribu - Lampadona: This award-winning lamp uses a simple and shapely design to create a useful work of art. Elegant and unique, this one of a kind lamp will make any room. (90 Euro)


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