That’s right, Easter is here! While you’re painting eggs and baking sweet goods for all your company to enjoy, we here at MakeTank are making sure you are ready for a season filled with color, love and the sunny spirit that makes Easter so special. With the help of our designers and their creations, of course.


Atelier MacramèLuigina: A traditional item of beauty and a raw display of playfulness make this coaster perfect for spring’s bright colors. With various, vibrant colors available, these coasters are a hit! (25 Euro)


Amir AlizadeNuovo Portauovo Egg Holder: The perfect idea for a great Easter display. This ceramic egg holder is comprised of two unique layers so not only can you display your egg with style, but the holder can also serve as a functioning plate for the eggs you eat. (25 Euro)


Camilla Rifles“Speech” Table Cloth: This beautiful, laser-cut table cloth is the best dress for a table out there! This useful cloth emphasizes the life of a table’s conversation with beautiful artisanal design. (188 Euro)


D’Shapes“Flatty Max” Planter: Sleek and stylish, this beautiful plant vessel can serve as a pot holder for budding flowers or a vase for the already blossomed beauties of spring. Perfect finishing touch for that grand Easter feast on the table. (36 Euro)


TribuRound Tray: Simple, yet popping with fluorescent color, this multi-purpose tray not only serves of good use but also brings color with passion to the table. (70 Euro)


Surian Crafts“Beehive Ball” Table Lamp: Handcrafted and unique to its core, this table lamp is sure to garner attention at your Easter outing. This ceramic table lamp is sure to brighten up any room with its color and purpose! (400 Euro)


Studio MPBeautiful Stool: Colored with vibrant shades of pink and red, this beautiful, floral-patterned wood stool yells “spring is here!” at all celebrating the season that is. (150 Euro)


Sabrina Fossi Design - FreakishCLOCK: Unique and truly one of a kind, this wall clock utilizes color and vivacity that shows the essence of the spring spirit. Available in many vibrant colors, this wall décor will add life to any room. (79 Euro)


Re+ StoreReMini Lamp: This petite lamp is a well-made, beautifully crafted piece of design. Available with interchangeable colors and eco-friendly, this lamp is a beautifully crafted piece of work. (25 Euro)


LOHN“Lugg” Eggcup: This eco-friendly egg holder is simple in design and elegant in use. Economic and easy to assemble, this eggcup is perfect for displaying those vivid and lively Easter eggs. (9 Euro)


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