Web & new media agency Monforte, based in Milan, wants to transform the opening of its new offices near Porta Genova, the very center of Design Week's FuoriSalone, in a chance of visibility and experience for Makers and creatives. Monforte decided to design its new offices following a collaborative approach: not the "usual" office, however comfortable and productive, but a place mixing work areas with places to share ideas, co-work and exhibit products and projects. Monforte is looking for "a great collaborative work environment" and calls it UfficioManifesto, which is also the name of a contest.


A rendering of Monforte's new offices

In short, UfficioManifesto is a "call for ideas" for those who think they can design objects (but not only objects, as we explain below) for a workplace strongly based on sharing and mixing creative ideas. Monforte itself believes in these two concepts and so decided to open its offices redesign to ideas and projects coming from any creative. Whoever has in mind something - ranging from interior design to single objects, from furniture to accessories and even to more articulated processes - which can help fostering collaboration and creativity in a workplace, can participate.

What you can gain is a good exposure during FuoriSalone and Design Week in Milano, the most important design event in Italy. A jury will select nine finalists who will exhibit their projects in Monforte's new offices, during FuoriSalone, and in the same days the agency will held three events - the Collaborative Talks - where the finalists will talk about themselves and their ideas. After FuoriSalone, the jury will select three final winners who will participate in a 3-days workshop where they will co-finalize UfficioManifesto. This experience should result for the winners in a very significative case history.


If you are into interior design, Monforte offers a 3D model of the new offices to start from

Now, the deadlines: materials must be uploaded - in English - before March, 25th [UPDATE 03.21: this deadline has been postponed to March, 28th 12.00 PM] using a form on UfficioManifesto website; finalists will be contacted before April, 1st; Collaborative Talks will be held from April, 9th to April, 11th; final winners will be selected before April, 16th. More information are available at this link.


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