For our interviews to the jury members of the DesignWinMake contest, this time we meet Antonino Marsala. He is an architecture and design expert and teaches Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and Autocad 2D courses, so he is the right person to talk about design, sustainability and creativity in 3D printing applications. With other seven colleagues he founded Mandarino Blu, an "idea lab" where the main rule is making visual communication a way to understand tangible and imagined realities.

Here you have the advice he gives to DesignWinMake contestants.

What do you expect from the projects we'll receive for the contest?
3D printing will have its more evident effects in everyday life, it will enable us not only to create new objects but also to extend the life of those we already have. So I'm expecting projects which go beyond the programmed obsolescence concept and introduce, instead, objects born to be updated.

Design and 3D printing: which are the strong points of this duo?
Design and manufacturing are two steps of the same path: an immediate comparison leading the designer to instantly verify possible problems he didn't consider before. This path provides a greater awareness and a greater maturity in design.

The future of 3D printing will be, in your opinion, marked by...?
It's more a hope than a forecast: by sustainability. With this term I mean reusing materials in printing, but also designing objects which can be repaired and adapted over time. A design you can update, not tied to the moment of its creation.

Your favorite 3D-printed object?
Working in the generative modeling research field, I can only be fascinated by the 3D printed Gown by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti: style and mathematical algorithms 3D-printed in nylon.

Your advice, as an expert, to those who want to participate in DesignWinMake?
Get your hands dirty: try, take apart and reassemble, design, model and - most of all - have fun! 3D printing is the closest thing to making your own dreams real, giving form and substance to an ideal concept.

So, designers and creatives from all over Europe, get moving: you have time till March, 31st, to participate in the third edition of DesignWinMake and to see your project (and maybe your dream, too) made real.


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