Are you still looking for the perfect gift to celebrate Valentine's Day? Friday is just a few days away, but don't panic: you have many ways to make a surprise to your partner and show him/her your love. You have plenty of time (well, almost plenty) to make the perfect gift which will melt your Significant Other's heart.

Hints? Terrys Fabrics assembled a really impressive infographic with some valuable romantic ideas (clic on the image to open it full size).


It's only a fraction of Terrys Fabrics infographic, clic to open it full size

With surprises like these, it's difficult not to warm any heart. But if you still can't organize anything before friday, on MakeTank you can choose a gift and it will be shipped in a few days to your doorstep. Just two examples of what you can buy and then "make" (just a bit, but it's still making) yourself:


01 Lamp is the first project of an italian lamp successfully funded with crowdfunding. Created by four young designers, it spurs us to make things manually again and so it underlines how men can think, interact and create.


You can also write a card with a romantic sentence, or a little poem, and let him/her find it on the night table or on the office desk. Just put it into Popi, our multipurpose pocket.

There are many other ideas on our Store: take your time and browse it. And happy Valentine's Day to all lovers!


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