Style comes at a price, they say, but it doesn't mean you have also to pay for its shipping. Here you'll find seven stylish objects, ranging from earrings to necklaces and coffee tables, sold on MakeTank with no shipping costs.


Wearing a fancy dress but don’t want to over do it? A rounded Arabesque inspired large medallion, made of black methacrylate enhanced with blue straws is the perfect accessory. Buy it here with it’s simple ribbon chain coupled with a sterling silver lock, at price (29.00 €) that makes you smile with free shipping worldwide.


Quirky and eye-catching, the Poseidonia coffee table will make a statement and provide the right amount of style and elegance in any room. Buy it here, at a price worth its design (800.00 €), free of shipping cost in Italy.


Feel unique and special wearing the Azulejo earrings, delicate as porcelain and elegant as their gold surface. Buy a pair here, to add that contemporary touch to any outfit. These are limited and numbered pieces handcrafted in Berlin, with free shipping to you anywhere in the world. At 215.00 €.


To add some spice to a simple room or empty wall: The Zebra wall lamp. As sturdy as the high quality components used to hand make it, buy it here (975.00 €) without paying for shipping within Italy. 100% made in Italy.


Coming in a plethora of colours, these Magnetic Snail leaf-shaped magnetic bulletin boards will look beautiful on any wall, in any room, providing that touch of nature. Buy one here at 70.00 €, free shipping within Italy.


A cutting edge, simple lamp for your very empty table top, the Frammenti pyramid table is available here (400.00 €) in black or white. Don’t miss out on this hand carved and decorated beauty, shipped for free in Italy.


Pacman laser-cut earrings (click here) with silver fixings are perfect as a small gift to your cousin, niece, daughter or sister. Handmade in Florence, they provide that personal touch. At 14.00 € only. Free shipping within Italy.


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