MakeTank is one of the eight italian startups which will be showcased at Italian Innovation Day 2014 in Mountain View, an event organized by non-profit organisation Mind the Bridge to create a positive collaboration between Silicon Valley business and technological community and the new generation of italian entrepreneurs. This edition of Italian Innovation Day takes place on March, 3rd and is dedicated to the development of new technologies and business models for manufacturing: its claim is "We are the Makers - Manufacturing and Design 2.0". A big role in shaping the event has been played by the European Edition of Maker Faire: its success showed how the italian Makers' ecosystem is thriving and can sustain new businesses.

Credit photo: Mind The Bridge

Credit photo: Mind The Bridge

Mind the Bridge was founded by Marco Marinucci in 2007. Marco is a native Italian with a managerial background and a long experience in Google, having worked in Strategic Partner Development at the tech mega-giant. Inspired by the positive impact of a business plan competition in Africa, Marco decided to try that same approach to help italian startups and new entrepreneurs. The goal of Mind the Bridge is to expose startups, managers and investors alike to the realities of Silicon Valley, the world’s most efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Today, Mind the Bridge is not focused only on italian startups anymore. In 2013 its mission became to create contacts between Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs coming from different Mediterranean nations: not just Italy but also Greece, Portugal and Spain. Mind the Bridge also started new initiatives to educate investors of early stage startups (the Angel Investor School) and startup managers (the Intra-preneurship executive program).

We like to think that MakeTank's participation at Italian Innovation Day comes also from our success at Maker Faire Rome, where we won the TechGarage prize. Maker Faire Rome was the litmus test proving that Italy, building on centuries of craftmanship tradition, can be on the forefront of the Makers' revolution. So it's only logical that one of the main speakers at Italian Innovation Day 2014 is Riccardo Luna.

Riccardo is constatntly helping italian Makers Movement in its growth, he was one of the minds behind Maker Faire Rome 2013 and will play the same role in the next edition. Maker Faire Rome – The II European Edition is scheduled for next autumn and is organized by Asset Camera, the Chamber of Commerce of Rome agency promoting innovation and development.


Among the startups participating at Italian Innovation Day, MakeTank is the only one which "talks" to Makers and their customers at the same time. Being a marketplace we sell objects, of course, but on the other hand we also aim to help Makers in finding new ways to better make, promote and sell their creations. The other italian startups we'll meet in Silicon Valley are DQuid, Hands, Heapsylon, Makoo Jewels, Off Grid Box, OSVeichle and W_Lamp.


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