3D printers? It would be really interesting having one to play with, but the problem is always the same: commercial models are simpler to use but cost a lot, while open source 3D printers are affordable but require a technical expertise which is not so common. M3D's new Micro 3D Printer wants to change this status quo: it's a little printer designed with commercial models in mind but at a very aggressive price: from 199 to 299 dollars in the Kickstarter crowdfunding phase, 350 dollars thereafter.


The Micro is addressed to the consumer 3D printing market: people who want to "play" with 3D printing and create small objects. Its price is low also because printing size is relatively small: 109 x 113 x 116 mm (but above 74mm printing area is just 91 x 84 mm). It's not so much, but it should be more than enough for consumer users. Many components of the Micro have been designed to reduce costs and dimensions, at the same time hiding 3D printing's complexity.

The Micro is small (185 mm3) and light (1 kg). It's made mostly in reinforced ABS, its printing head intergrates all the electronics and moves on carbon fiber rails. You can print with colored plastic filaments (PLA and ABS) which are installed in the printer's base. Technical specifications suggest that maximum printing resolution should be 50 micron. Energy consumption is quite low: 15 Watts. And like any other reputable consumer product, the Micro will be available in five different colors.


All in all, the new Micro 3D Printer could be really effective in increasing 3D printing users. We have just to wait and see how its crowdfunding campaign will be received on Kickstarter: it will start next march and will be used to fund the first production batch of 10.000 units. More info at this link.


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