Stampomatica is an italian project that's currently looking for funds on Indiegogo (and with its store here on MakeTank, shortly after this campaign). Created by "maker facility" Tecnificio and innovative printing workshop Lino's Type, Stampomatica wants to mix the analog feeling of the tradional letterpress with the new manufacturing techniques of Makers' world.


Stampomatica is a little personal printer which prints the old way: you put some ink on a plate (the cliché) and then press the plate itself on a sheet of soft paper. Stampomatica of course it's not a large - or even medium - format printer: it will be available in two models, a smaller one to print visit cards and a (slightly) bigger one to print postcard-size sheets of paper. With the same approach: both Stampomaticas are designed to let you easily but firmly press cliché and paper together, while the cliché is completely customizable because it's made with a 3D printer.

The owner of a Stampomatica will design his/her own cliché every time he/she wants to print something new: a simple design software it's enough, provided it gives as output a STL file. The new cliché can be 3D-printed by the user, if he/she has a 3D printer which works with PLA or ABS, otherwise can be sent to a third party printing service (Tecnificio and Lino's Type will offer a specific service for Stampomatica, but you will not be forced to use it) or printed by other Makers.

The first samples of Stampomatica were introduced at Maker Faire Rome and then at other similar events in Italy. Now the project is on Indiegogo's virtual stage because - as Marcello Pirovano of Tecnificio explains - "We've chosen crowdfunding to give our project more visibility: Indiegogo is, after Kickstarter, the most important international crowdfunding platform. We wanted to 'balance' the first launch of Stampomatica, which took place mostly at national events, and also to get a sort of return on investments we made to design and manufacture the first Stampomatica samples and to launch our project".

Stampomatica's next steps are the end of its campaign on Indiegogo (you can visit their page here) and - a few days before - a new event in Milan on February, 4th. "It's the last event before we end our funding - says Marcello - and it involves three well-known italian illustrators (Antonio Colomboni, Pietro Corraini, Emiliano Ponzi): they will challenge Stampomatica at Subalterno1, an indipendent design gallery in the Ventura Lambrate district. It's like a 'final rush' on steroids".


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