Today, one of the most important developments in 3D printing applications has nothing to do with technology: it's about who is printing what. The early adopters of 3D printing have been technical users, technology fans who have taken this new form of manufacturing to the people, yes, but who often don't have much an eye for aesthetics. Now 3D printing it's also becoming a new way to express designers' creativity, at least for those designers who came to understand the strong link between new manufacturing technologies and craftsmanship.

This same path - more or less - was followed by Barbara Busatta and Dario Buzzini, two italian designers based in New York who run the creative agency Icosaedro. Barbara and Dario created Machine Series, a little - at least now - collection of tabletop holders made in plastic with a FDM 3D printer. Machine Series design is deliberately minimalistic, studied to prove how 3D printing can create objects at the same time simple and sophisticated.

At the moment Machine Series is composed by three holders, slightly different in shape, made in PLA or ABS and available in three colors (black, red, yellow). Barbara and Dario believe in open design, so Machine Series schematics can be freely downloaded from their website and modified to make the project evolve. As they write, "Machine Series is also an invitation to modify, improve, and adapt the collection to new materials, techniques and formal explorations". The rest of us can buy their objects online.


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