Today started the third edition of DesignWinMake, the product design contest promoted by MakeTank and this new edition is dedicated to products designed for 3D printing production.

The contest is open to artists and designers (single entrants, groups or non-profit associations) active in Europe, who have an innovative idea to realize and want to sell online their finished product. Eligible projects are single objects (jewelry, wearable accessories...) or whole product lines (home accessories, tableware...) never manufactured and sold before, designed to be sold online, i.e. handy, nor bulky and easy to ship.

The jury is composed by Laura Calligari (architect -; Fabio Ciciani (co-founder of .exnovo); Laura De Benedetto (co-founder of MakeTank); Antonino Marsala (ART – Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer and 3D expert); Eleonora Ricca (designer and entrepreneur - Vectorealism). Each project will be evaluated based on several criteria, such as originality, design innovation, functionality, ease of manufacturing, attention to production economies.

To take part in the contest you have simply to fill out the form published on and to send all the documents described in the competition announcement, before March 31st, 2014. The contest is free. A prototype of the winning project will be manufactured, at the expense of MakeTank, by our partner Vectorealism, identified by the DesignWinMake logo.

The winning project will be selected by April 10th, 2014 and the award ceremony will take place in Florence during Florence Design Week (April 24th-29th, 2014).

"For the third edition of DesignWinMake - says Laura De Benedetto (MakeTank) - we selected 3D printing to keep on aiming for innovation and to show all the opportunities it offers to designers. Thanks to 3D printers' lower prices and to the availability of third party professional services, 3D printing today is within everyone's reach and it's already used in self-produced fashion and interior design. Moreover, industries are starting to use this technology to manufacture prototypes or low-cost spare parts. I'd be happy if a very young designer could win the contest also this time, and if the contest itself could be a way for him/her to come in contact with the companies he/she wants to work for.”

Materials suitable for 3D printing, and their technical specifications, are listed on “Materiali per la stampa 3D” webpage, edited by Vectorealism.


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