Try to learn more about Tribu, browsing their website, and you will come across two sentences that are very significant, "we do not seek consumers, but users who are aware" and "(we want to) propose something that not only has a commercial value, but that contains a substantial added value deriving from how it's been made". Just two sentences extracted from a larger context, of course, but for us they prove that Tribu is perfectly in line with the ethics of re-valuation of work and personal creative skills that the Maker movement is putting in the foreground.

Gabriele Roveda

Gabriele Roveda created Tribu and explains that this project was born "from two needs: one of my spirit, tired of expressing its creative energy only through images and communication [Roveda worked for many years in editorial communications, marketing and design] and the other one of my teammates, who wanted to follow a dream of applied creativity. The outcome: a portal/community to bring together creative people, artists, artisans, professionals, makers and enthusiasts who want to 'take over' their existence and their job. To improve them, of course".

Tribu is therefore a community of those who are defined as "brave artisans", people who know how to create objects, giving them the added value that we cited earlier. In many ways, explains Gabriel: "Tribu adopts all technologies, new and traditional ones, that allow its members to create, produce and distribute goods. From laser cutting to printing eco-friendly fabrics, we try to be consistent with the need of an higher quality creative and production process and, at the same time, the need to bring to market, online and offline, high quality products at affordable prices shortening the production and distribution chain in order to be competitive and profitable, for all our members".

Tribu is not only a virtual community but also a physical reality through Spazio Tribu (Tribu Space), located in Milano, via Pitteri. "Spazio Tribu came out by chance - says Gabriele - because we wanted to work only online. But then a space became available just under my office and lots of 'tribalists' asked us to meet for real, not just virtually. So we created this new space and discovered that atoms are as necessary as the bytes. "

The placement of Spazio Tribu is a coincidence, but we like to see a certain symbolic value in the fact that it is precisely in the Ortica, one of the few districts in Milan who is keeping his identity while being just a short distance from the very busy area of Loreto as from the renewed and more design-oriented Lambrate district.

From Urtiga ("Ortica" in Milanese dialect) to the whole world: it's not a short step but Tribu is working on it. First of all 'tribalists' are now selling also abroad (thanks to Tribu store on MakeTank, too) and Tribu is gearing up to improve: "The problems, of course, are budget and communication. To make Tribu known and to make it grow is based 80% off our 'work units' which, however, have allowed its birth and its growth, but to make a bigger and more solid leap we need a budget to invest in communication and dissemination online and offline. In the meantime, we reinvest all what we gain in growth and development" sais Roveda.

And growing, yes, sure, but without changing: "Of course, if we had a bigger capital we could do everything faster, but not necessarily better. Time is also experience and all new projects need it".


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