There's a new challenge for us: for a whole year, starting today, MakeTank will be the official store of MEme Makers Exposed, a new project taking place in Ferrara from December, 9th 2013 to January, 5th 2014. During the next four weeks the Covered Market of Ferrara will turn itself into a temporary shop with more than 30 Makers, selected through an open call, and their creations, which will be also sold on MakeTank.

In addition to the Makers exposition, MEme Makers Exposed is hosting the Future Week (December, 5th-15th): a rich schedule of meetings, workshops and public speeches held by spokespersons from financial, academic and private sectors, whose keywords are creativity, innovation and new entrepreneurs. It's an interesting chance, for those already in the field but also for everyone, to meet "the new artisans" and know what the Makers' world has to offer.

During the Future Week, MakeTank will held a workshop on wearable technology ("I'm Iron Man" by Troy Nachtigall, December 12th at 6.00 pm in the Covered Market), while Laura De Benedetto, co-founder of MakeTank, will join the panel “Think Tank. Imparar Bottega” (December 13th, 6.30 pm, Circolo dei Negozianti, Palazzo Roverella).

We're looking forward to meet you in Ferrara. MEme Makers Exposed organized a Welcome Party for  this evening: December 9th, 7.00 pm in the Covered Market.



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