A small gift can be much more appreciated than an impersonal present with an hefty price tag. But you have to choose something special - or just nice, or fun - showing that special bond between you and who's going to get it. No ideas? Luckily, we have a few.

For girls: only 6€ for this happy Plexijap ring, light and colorful made of a mix of lasercut plexiglas with Bussola creazioni's pictogram and silk chirimen cord (the traditional fabric of japanese kimonos).

For boys: with only 7€ you can buy Suneah, the earphones holder made in elastic and indestructible laser-cut PETG with the shape of a mini CD, 100% recyclable and customizable.

For everyone: it’s more important the present or the package? For us, both are essential for a perfect gift. That’s why we give you the chance to buy uniqueChristmas cards (4 for 8€ with the envelopes) that reproduces the original watercolors of our true artist.

For girls: Christmas it the right time for presents but also for leisure. The earrings King reproduce, positive and negative, the King of chess and you can buy even a singleearring (white or black) for only 8 €. An original and funny gift!

For kids: the Noah’s Ark with 6 animals in cardboard (9,90€) that they can assemble, color, cut out inventing many stories: the whale that saves the giraffe and the crocodile that reaches the Ark swimming ... there are no limits to their imagination!


For (absent-minded) parents or grand-parents: where is my mobile phone? With this red wall cell phone holder you will find it on the fly while your charging its battery. With € 10.00 (Xmas promo) you’ll help your nostalgic parents with a phone again with threads.

For trend-setters: a contemporary geometry for the Spiral ring made of lasercut black mat acrylic. To make your look unique or your best friend’s look (don’t tell her that it costs only € 10.00!). It will be shipped in an elegant gift box.

For your wearable technology experiments: the Leapfrog clip for Arduino LilyPad is perfect for those who want to give new functionalities to clothing. But when you have to wash them, just remove your chip using this 3D printed clip!

For animal lovers: usually tools to clean the aquarium are really ugly! But our Magnetic Snail for aquarium is useful, beautiful, colorful and costs only € 12.00 (if you leave abroad Italy, contact us and we’ll find the way to send it to you).

For dressmakers: Hipstercurve, a modern and effective Frenc curve made of acrylic and available – starting from 12,00€ - in many colors, fluorescent or mirrored. Forshoulder or leg, complete with buttons and also customizable with name or logo to be engraved on demand!

For a couple: avoid cooking too many (or too few) spaghetti, with the romantic and practical Spaghetti for two (but you can use it twice if there are guests for dinner!). 100% made in Italy with the iconic Vespa only  for 13.00€.


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