While our contest on what makes your Christmas special is going on, to get more deeply in its spirit we asked our judges Caterina Chimenti and Francesco Zorzi to give us some thoughts on Christmas, as they see it from their professional point of view.

Caterina Chimenti is a blogger and creative with a passion for travel and new technologies: she discovered the Web in 2001 and since then works on online communications. On her blog Lonely Traveller she writes about independent travel, art and culture. When she's not exploring new places you can find her online on the main Social Networks. Francesco Zorzi deals with visual communication and graphic design. Since 2000 he is the creative director of alias2k.com, which he co-founded. He designs visual identities, logos, illustrations, web and multimedia interfaces, traditional printed publications. His illustrations follow an eclectic style, moving between those made with clean shapes and forms and other with inaccurate and dirty traits, all characterized by the use of spot colors and a retro style.

Caterina: Natale e viaggi. Qual'è secondo una travel blogger la meta più adatta per un Natale creativo?
In Italia, scegliendo anche a caso uno dei luoghi dove ancora gli oggetti di artigianato artistico possono essere fonte di ispirazione anche per i creativi più all'avanguardia: basta pensare ai colori delle ceramiche dell'Umbria e della mia Toscana, ai pattern del merletto e tombolo in Abruzzo, ma la lista potrebbe continuare all'infinito. Per l'estero invece mi vengono subito in mente i paesi del Nord europa, visto che sono una grande fan delle linee essenziali del design scandinavo.

Caterina: Christmas and travels. What is, according to a travel blogger, the best destination for a Creative Christmas?
In Italy, by choosing at random one of the places where the objects of arts and crafts can still be a source of inspiration for creative people, even the most extreme: just think of the colors of ceramics in Umbria and Tuscany, the pattern of the lace and pillow in Abruzzo, the list goes on and on. Abroad, immediately come to mind the countries of Northern Europe, since I am a big fan of the clean lines of Scandinavian design.

The most suitable destination for a family Christmas, instead? 
For those who love the sea and the Mediterranean I would recommend Naples, where the magic of San Gregorio Armeno nativities is fascinating in the same way for both adults and children and offers a very special Christmas atmosphere. For those who prefer a more classic mood there is nothing better than enjoying a White Christmas in Alpine resorts - Trentino, Austria, Switzerland - where the snow scenes and Christmas markets give a romantic touch, and where it is natural to find yourself around a fireplace spending time together.

Our contest's prizes: a lava stone Nativity and a laser-cut Christmas tree

Francesco: Christmas and creativity. What's Christmas for a web agency creative director? Just deadlines and problems or maybe also the chance to unleash your creativity?
Since a long time, for me it's the chance to go back making forays into the world of comics; every Christmas I start drawing an illustration that I print in a few dozens copies and then watercolor, each one in a different way... Behold, I just remembered that I need to jot down an idea for the next one, otherwise I'll spend Christmas Eve to color!

Which Christmas-related communication campaign do you consider the most effective?
"War is over!" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. After the peace activism of bed-ins, on December 19, 1969 they launched a campaign against the war in Vietnam that included posting simultaneously in 12 cities around the world huge posters with the words "War is over! (If you want it). Happy Christmas from John and Yoko" translated into every language. The song that has become the catchphrase of every Christmas from then on came only four months later. A beautiful message that John then explained thus: "You are the goal. Nobody on earth can do it for you. Whatever it is you want, you must do it yourself." Posters were put up also in Rome, but unfortunately the translation was slightly wrong and "è" (it is) became "e" (and).

In our contest we ask entrants to explain what makes their Christmas special. And for you?

Caterina- For me, Christmas is not Christmas without a family lunch: gathering around a table together, leaving aside the stress of everyday life, for one day rediscovering a warmth that, for the rest of the year, we forget it may even exist.
Francesco - I'll quote John Lennon again: love is the answer.


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