Some journeys start like any other but in the end they change your life, some travellers don't follow maps or detailed plans but intuition and creativity. Two qualities intimately related to Makers' world and to Bussola Creazioni, a project by Marisa Liuzzi.

Marisa's distinctive trait? She is not afraid of mixing distant cultures and shapes with a very modern taste, and she can create original - and a bit magical - objects.

Your jewels show some very modern shapes but also an ancient soul. What do you take inspiration from, for your creations?

I'm inspired from strong contrasts between colors and materials. It's fun to start from something traditional, even if it comes from a culture far from my own one, and then pushing it to its extreme to give it a modern and light spin. But sometimes behind a creation there is just an intuitive combination of different materials taken from the chaos you can find wherever I am...

Which materials and techniques do you use for your creations?

Now I'm trying to mix plexiglas, which combines the strength of plastic and the transparency of glass, with chirimen silk, a fabric normally used for japanese kimonos and characterized by a sort of crease obtained through a forced torsion of its threads in the weaving phase. It's a very "bright" fabric, with colored and intense oriental patterns that can't surely go unnoticed.

Why did you decide to call your brand Bussola Creazioni?

It comes from a nickname I've always had for my worthless sense of direction ["bussola" means "compass" in Italian]. All my collections come from my personal tastes and a desire to express myself, so it seemed nice to choose a brand name which could symbolize me in the most intimate way possible, also because with my jewels I can give you a bit of me through colors, combinations, sensations.

Is there any specific object you are proud of in a special way?

I have no idea. For sure I'm very pleased with the synthesis process of the "Geta" necklaces: they recall the design of the iconic japanese wooden shoes.

Christmas is just a few weeks away: why should we choose a gift made by a Maker, this year?

For what it stands for: something imagined, studied, realized and well finished in every detail by real people, each one with a story and a world behind.

Your next goals?

I'd like to keep on testing new materials and shapes, and to make my brand known as much as possibile, turning it into my main job.

Your jewels look very much like talismans: which "magical powers" you'd like them to give to who's wearing them?

I'd like that who wears my jewels could feel the strength coming from her uniqueness, because this actually is the real added value of an handmade product: being unique, like all of us.

So, try to be unique and a bit magical, with Bussola Creazioni jewels.

Anna D'Amico


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