Zeno Pacciani is a true creative, a dreamer, a native Florentine and daddy of three - Gaia, Duccio and Noemi. He says he's an "architect by chance, designer by mistake, cardboard artisan by choice."

How do you define yourself? are you a maker?

Let's say I am a dreamer.

It looks like cardboard is your favourite material. How come? What do you do with it?

Cardboard kinda showed up by chance in my work. It's been five years now that I am Art Director of what I call a creative laboratory, called “Fonderie Creative”. In a pause between graphic design assignments in 2010 I quite by chance ended up working with a cardboard box, with which I made my first "eco-nativity scene", which took a year to prototype and bring to the market. From there, I continued to work on design objects and childrens' games using interlocking cardboard. After the nativity I made a cardboard landscape of Florence, and then also ones of other cities like Rome, Milan and the Dolomite mountains.

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from a simple yet careful observation of life... a sunset, a building, the snow falling... I don't really have a creative method, I basically just listn to what is in my head at any given moement.

The box was big and the afternoon long...” Your nativity scene comes packaged with a beautiful story. Tell it to us.

The story of the Nativity is the story of my childhood, which formed after the passing of my mother in 2010. When I was little, my mother used to get us ready for Christmas by taking us to the woods on Monte Morello, outside Florence, to choose moss to use on our nativity (presepe) at home. My brothers and I spent hours looking at and moving the various figures around. In the winter of 2010, i was alone in the office and moved by happy memories; I took a cardboard box and started cutting out figures for my own version of a modern nativity scene.

Two other cardboard scenes I've made, representing Florence and Noah's Arc, are also ideas that kind of just happened. I wanted to make something nice while spending time with my kids, and this is what came out! I have a 0.2 era policy, in contrast with the 2.0 era, when it comes to spending time with one's loved ones. A box, scissors, and a whole lot of fun.

You have a strong graphic sense - how do you define your style?

I like simplicity, a strong, simple design without too many doo-dads. I don't care for graphic virtuoso techniques, so my work tends to be really clean.

Un sogno o desiderio per natale?

A cardboard nativity scene in every house... just kidding. Peace and happiness for my family and others.

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