I met Daniele Canuti for the first time when he launched Plasma, an independent ceramic design exhibition held in Florence during July 2013. Now Daniele is "officially" launching the newborn Imake association and we asked him something more about his new initiative.

But first of all a few words about Daniele himself: he is from Grosseto and studied Interior Design and then Product Design in Florence. After working for an architecture firm, he then opened his own ‘studio’ designing a series of ceramic and wood furniture with his own brand.

"Imake (www.imakelab.it) is a cultural association promoting self-produced design, formed in 2013 also to promote recognition and institutional protection of the 'designer' profession and to disseminate the concept of design as a scientific and creative tool capable of improving quality of life. Imake is born from the desire to make designers come in contact with artisan and industrial realities, trying to create partnerships aimed at developing new concepts and products".

Imake’s fundamental purpose is also promoting self-produced design, through a series of events (exhibitions, workshops, debates) dealing with a specific subject (production processes, materials and so on) and where its members are the real protagonists: "In this way Imake becomes a real opportunity for designers to enter the market through an autonomous cultural project".

Imake founders are Makers who auto-produce their own projects, have their own brand and are looking to sell and distribute independently.

In July 2013 Imake launched Plasma. "Led by ceramist Alfredo Quaranta - says Daniele - eight designers created a collection of unique design objects showcased in the Dieci Rosso gallery in Florence. Ceramic, the first material Imake selected to turn designers' shapes into reality, was the protagonist in an exhibition where the various self-produced objects were showcased and could be also sold directly. The word plasma comes form plasmare (to mold), the action of transforming designs into real objects you can touch.

With the same Imake approach, MakeTank has organized for the association a workshop, held by Vectorealism, on design for lasercutting (Tuesday, November 26 in IED Florence, you can register at this link). Products created by Imake after the workshop will be sold in a MakeTank specific store.


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