Although the holiday season may seem a while off, December will be soon upon us. It's time to start thinking about unique gifts... we've been thinking about a White Christmas, so propose some of our favourite snowy coloured products.

A poetic nativity, made of lava stone and hand painted in enamel, is perfect for the Christmas season. Both practical and elegant, it will surely be able to add a holiday touch to any room and perfect as an original present (here for just 32€). 100% made in Sicily with Etna lava stone, a mix between traditional inspiration and a contemporary touch!

With handcrafted crochet parts that are sewn by hand the necklace MARIA, which comes in a multitude of colors, can be paired with any outfit to add a wonderful seasonal touch. This unique jewel joins together three generations: grandmather (who designed the crochet pattern), mother (who actually does the crocheting) and daughter (who designs the laser-cut section and assembles the final necklace).

Looking for an elegant pair of numerated earrings to make you look not only sophisticated but in the holiday spirit? Well, the Azulejo earrings are just the thing for you! Made of porcelain with a real gold surface, the jewelry collection “L’histoire de mimi Cri” is hand-made in Berlin and available here for 210€ (free shipping worldwide).

This Turbine Lamp comes in many different forms, suspended or a table version (160€) or on a pedestal (with 40€ more), and is perfect for any room to set the holiday mood! It’s part of the Stilema 50s series where satin glass used in the 50s has been replaced by methacrylate and flat design. MakeTank offers a 5% of discount on Tribu store until December 8, ask now for a COUPON! (email info @ for your coupon)

Always looking for your car keys when you’re late? Can’t remember where you put your house keys down after coming home from a long day? This Icon keyholder (29,90€), inspired by the iconic Beatles' “Abbey Road” cover, made of laser-cut, folded and painted metal sheet - is just what you need to keep your life in order. All you need is (not only) love…

Attention all music lovers out there! Weezy, the Bluetooth music receiver, (here for 59,00€, less than on the official OpenPicus shop!) is one of MakeTank bestsellers and a perfect gift for any age. It provides an easy way to play music wirelessly from any phone’s music library with the best HiFi quality.


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