Have you ever watched a “how to” video on YouTube, just to have to pause and back up a number of times to see the step you need to replicate? How.Do, a Berlin-based start-up, solves that problem with a simple mobile app that allows you to create and share embeddable instructionals and DIY inspiration. You can create tutorials, inspirational guides or give potential buyers a behind-the-scenes peek at the making process from raw materials to end product. It's the perfect, easy to use solution for Makers.

Co-founders Nils Westerlund and Emma Rose Metcalfe declare:

The thing we love about Makers on How.Do is that the community gets to share in the energy and magic of what they do. And that's the very thing that makes it great for Makers too. Little windows into your process are so easy to capture as you go, and then they get bundled up into a beautiful thing for curious people to watch, enjoy and get inspired.

That's why they've been lending a hand to us at MakeTank so that our vendors and fans can harness the power of their app to share (and sell) more.

4 ways Makers can use How.Do

1) No more instruction books – product setup

You can make easy ‘How to’ tutorials to help customers set up and start using your product. This is useful for any tech items and totally beats an instruction book, which you know nobody ever reads any more, anyway! Here’s an example of a “set up” How.Do: how to use the Little Printer

LITTLE PRINTER a micro guide by How.Do Team on HowDo

Whereas in this instructional, we worked with our vendor En=joy Gioelli to show how to assemble their three piece ring.

3PIECE RING BY ENJOY a micro guide by MakeTank on HowDo

2) No more instruction books – product use

Beyond installation, suggest how to use the things you sell. In this How.Do, MakeTank vendor Annaluisa Franco demonstrates how she uses her lasercut french curves to design the armhole of a vest.

HIPSTERCURVE FRENCH CURVE a micro guide by Annaluisa on HowDo

3) Run a contest

Use it to engage your community to run a contest or ask them for examples of how they use your product. Here’s an example of an upcycling contest with rules explained through a How. Do.

UPCYCLING COMPETITION! a micro guide by Amy Dolan on HowDo

4) Show how you made it

Emphasize your artisan ability by showing how you make your product! You may have to simplify the process somewhat, but a How.Do can be a nice way to promote your manual processes and prove that something is truly personal and special. Here is a simple and kind of silly little guide we made just as an example of how to make a laser-cut pendant using ball and chain.

SIMPLE LASERCUT PENDANT a micro guide by MakeTank on HowDo

3 steps to a good How.Do Micro Guide

All you need to make a How.Do is an iPhone to create Micro Guides on the go, at your workshop, or at home. It’s simple, yet effective and doesn't require spending hours editing video. How.Do let's you easily engage with your communtiy and then gets out of the way, so you can focus on making. The kind folk at How.Do made this list of tips for how to shoot an effective guide, and the points are also summarized below.

HOW.DO FOR PROS a micro guide by How.Do Team on HowDo

1. Good quality photos

With only a bit of extra effort, like having good light and a neat set up, you can really make your product stand out. Check out our article on how to create a set with lights and photograph with a smartphone.

2. First, show the end result

Your first slide should be the end product! This way, viewers know right away what the How.Do Micro Guide is about and is more inclined to look through it.

3. Tell ‘em where to find you

For the last slide, prepare a photo with your web url and info on where to buy your product. Keep this image ready to use for all your How.Do guides as a last slide.

3 places to put your How.Do

Last but not least, you’re going to want to share your micro guide where people can best use it.

1)    Embed it

On your product description on MakeTank, or on your own website, you can use the embed code provided by How.Do that will make it appear and run right there, without clicking out of the website.

To do this, you'll need to be on a desktop computer, and log into your account at How.Do in order to find a list of all your guides. Pick the guide that you want to embed. There's a button that says "embed" - click and it will copy an "iframe" code to your clipboard. Then, open the HTML viewer of the website in which you're embedding and paste in the iframe. Ta da!

To see an example - Alessio Rocchi from Lexio has embedded a How.Do in his product description of Popi.

2)  Share it on Facebook or Twitter

Use the easy share buttons on the mobile or web versions of How.Do to quickly share to all major social media accounts.

3)  Make friends within the How.Do network

The How.Do network works kind-of like Instagram – you follow other people, press the heart button to love their work, and in this way you can get noticed by other users. It’s a friendly community full of makers and crafters who will surely love your work.

If you have any questions about using How.Do to promote your products on MakeTank, feel free to contact us, or ask the experts by emailing support@how.do - they're here for us!

Plus - show us how you've used Micro Guides - let us know in the comments of this blog and we'll feature you on our social media.


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