There's something about receiving a specially packaged gift that warms the heart... even if it's something you've bought for yourself! If you're selling on MakeTank, or anywhere online, developing special packaging will turn every product you ship into a gift, making for highly satisfied customers. We asked MakeTank vendors to send us examples of their gift packaging to inspire you.

Bussola Creazioni combines simple paper or transparent bags with attractive labels and bows for a professional branded look. All these items can be purchased at a stationer's except for the custom-made round circles, which you can easily have produced online.

For Amir Alizade, packaging is an important part of product design, as he explained to us in his interview. His custom designed and cut boxes are made to fit the products, ready for store display and also for shipping.

Dario Scapitta also has custom printed boxes made for his 3D printed jewelry. A sleek black box like this makes a good impression, so his products are ready to ship directly to a gift recipient.

Di-Squadro's eco-friendly and modular designs come disassembled in a standard size box that makes a professional impression with its printed label. Inside there are, of course, good instructions on how to mount the product.

Vaporetta Berlin ships her porcelain jewelry in standard round or square cardboard jewelry boxes, made precious with a sumptuous chocolate brown fabric lining and black ribbons. She also has designed a coordinated shopping bag and other marketing materials.

Simplicity is the word of the day for Bijouets, who send their 3D printed jewelery in this attractive cotton bag that has been custom embroidered with their logo. If you want to imitate this idea, look around your neighbourhood for a print shop that has digital embroidery, or search for it online. You'll probably have to order them in batches, so think well about what size works best with all your products.

Microstudio's animal frames in laser-cut metal are perfectly packaged in a smooth white box printed with their logo. Inside, the styrofoam is cut to fit the shape of the product, holding it tightly and protecting it during shipping.

CB Disegno's jewelry collection ships in boxes made precious with a matching laser-cut felt logo, and is nestled inside with tissue paper. This, too, is easy to imitate, since the boxes are standard sizes, and are simply decorated by hand.

ArtTrav has come up with a packaging solution that works well for small volumes. Each item is wrapped by hand in a unique package depending on the size and what she has around the house. She saves wedding favour bags and ribbons which she uses to package jewelry.

You can do it! Most of these solutions can be easily imitated with a trip to a good stationary store or craft store, possibly combined with laser cutting or printing your own logo for a super-professional, branded look. Spending that extra five minutes to carefully wrap each item by hand will make a huge difference to the recipient.

Remember: gift wrapping and packaging for shipping are two different things. Do develop your gift wrap in a manner that protects your product as much as possible, and then use sturdy, waterproof outer layers following the tips found in our blog post on proper shipping methods.


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