The best way to celebrate Christmas is with your family, but now that we're approaching December don't forget that you have customers, too. It takes really just a little to show them how you appreciate their support, but you should do it in a personal way. Here are a few ideas.

Keep your desk tidy with MacBlock which provides you with the easy access to charge it and the functionality to keep your Mac in a safe secure spot on any desktop. Transform your MacBook in a desktop with a unique piece of 3D printed minimalist design that will be your for only 29,00€.

Stencils can give a twist to any cappuccino! Standard models are: Zodiac (9,50€ a set of two), Social in plywood (12,00€ three) and Social in plexiglass (16,50€ three) but you can even custom order Cappuccino stencils with your logo so it’s perfect for any business. An original and funny present with an Italian lifestyle touch.

For iPhone and iPad developers, Woody allows to build mobile app prototypes away from your computer and bring your prototypes to life without even touching your mouse. The luxury edition allows to prototype both smartphone and tablet apps (120€ both) but you can choose only the tablet or the smartphone one for 80,00€ each.

Not only an eco-friendly certified lamp but also has the perfect amount of sophistication to vamp up any office or home with a delicate touch. With room to place your documents on top and find them when you are in a hurry.  Totem lamp is the largest model of storage-lamp available in six different sketch-effect colours.

This contemporary cardboard furniture set for fairs and stands is not only space conserving but pulls out with into a multi piece set that is functional and classy. For 900€ it will be yours forever, with your company logo and claim, not just during the days of the Fair, and you can place your brochures and fliers in the drawer.

Use the mobile wall holder Phone not to loose your mobile. Perfect for any home or office and makes it easy to charge your phone and have a place to put it all at the same time. Red as Christmas and with a vintage mood for just 10,00€.

Domino is a multi-functional piace of furniture becoming a versatile desk with a chair combo (or a bedside table) which will create a unique vibe in any room. Maximize space and the same fun of the Domino game!

Padiglio is the eco-leather iPad case, available in grey or in beige, that allows you to wear your iPad not only in a practical but also in a stylish way (five different ones). You can carry your iPad around with ease and comfort and not have to worry about it getting stolen!

With a cool twist on a table fit for any important office, the Growing city table with a metropolis skyline legs is perfect to create a classy and yet different look. Unique and made by two young Italian designers just for your professional, busy place.

CD holders turned Compact accessories tools kits is both practical and affordable and it comes in a multitude of different types to fit all of your needs. In a CD cover you will find a stand, a penholder, a wrap earphones, a rack and, obviously, a CD holder. Made by a young creative architect just for you!


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