We meet Alessio Rocchi (Lexio) at Maker Faire Rome, where he introduced his line of small laser-cut objects called LOHN (Little Objects for Huge Needs), drawing the attention of many visitors. Some of the LOHN are already on MakeTank: Crolib bookshelf, Crodesk mini-desk and the first of his new Compact Accessories, Suneah earphones holder.

LOHN, as a term, explains in a nutshell the starting point of many Lexio projects. As Alessio says, his creations "come from a contamination of contemporary different needs, driving to objects trying to solve those needs and whose aesthetic is, at the same time, strongly influenced by them."

When you look at Lexio objects it's immediately clear that behind them there is a careful choice of materials. "All my projects have in common an eco-sustainability element - Alessio says - because I think it is the first real need to be satisfied". That's why Alessio uses recycled or recyclable materials, like fibreboard (MDF, Medium Density Fibreboard) or copolyester (PETG). The project itself must be eco-sustainable: "My aim is always to have no scraps cutting the sheets, using them completely."

Alessio Rocchi wearing the 3D printed Smarure

Alessio adopted techniques dictated by his materials, mostly laser cutting and 3D printing. Both, he explains, "Gave me the missing link between an idea and a real object. The object itself, produced with devices anyone can use, is contextualized in time and in the space where you want to place it."

Lexio creativity could be summarized by Crolib bookshelf: Alessio feels a special bond with it and Crolib was among the finalists in the first edition of our DesignWinMake contest. "It made me enter in the Makers' world, that I like, in many aspects, more than the architecture one where I come from. That project, born in just a few seconds, includes everything I'm telling you now: a mix of different needs, all-round eco-sustainability and an atypical aesthetic proposal."

Crolib (left) and a completely assembled Smarure (right)

Now Alessio is working on new LOHN objects. Smarure - a ring and a bracelet, both 3D printed, that assembled together become a smartphone stand - has its own funding campaign on Indiegogo ("have at least a look at it, then you can decide to fund the project, or not"). Another campaign, on Eppela, will fund new Compact Accessories.

Compact Accessories are a family of, well, accessories: some are really useful, some are just for fun. Outside they look like a CD case, inside there isn't a common silver-plastic CD but a disc made in clear polyester which turns itself in something completely different from a flat disc: Suneah becomes an earphones holder, another Compact Accessory works as a smartphone stand (many others will follow). In this way, Alessio explains, "The old relationship between laser and CD is revised in a new perspective: producing material objects and not immaterial music anymore." After their funding campaigns, you'll find all new Compact Accessories on MakeTank.

In the short term Alessio is focused on finalizing all these new developments. And in the long term? "My dream is to become - at least in my city, Florence - something like a model for all the Makers who 'make' design."


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