A black chat for friend, a pendant inspired by the famous Cat "Chat Noir" made of black acrylic material laser cut. You can buy it here with its a metal chain, nickel free at a price that is a cheat!

Looking to spice up your style? Grab one of these faux leather bracelets to add a little edge to any outfit. Choose here among 12 different models and background with white or black lettering. In Italy we say that red pepper works against the evil eye!

Black earrings, with a traditional lace pattern but made in laser cut acrilyc, in two different models (click here), are light weight and versatile so you can wear them day or night to any occasion. Perfect as a present at any age and for any kind of look, romantic or dark.

To stand up as a trend-setter: the black Snake parure of armband and necklace available here. Contemporary forms of jewelery  produced in nylon using 3D print technology, created by an Italian designer living in The Netherlands.

The owl, a symbol of good luck which indicates clairvoyance, insight and wisdom. Be wise wearing these laser cut owl earrings available here in black or transparent lilac. 100% made in Italy.

Coming in a multitude of colors these owl frames will look great in any room and provide just enough style and elegance to fit in with any theme. Buy it here for less than 20,00€ (only this month).

This unique lamp will provide any space with a modern yet classy look that can lighten up a room! Changing shape according of your point of view, It deserves its price as it gives a warm LED light corner in your room. It’s available here in white and in the new black laser cut plexiglass.

Feel unique wearing the Bicho ring, delicate as porcelain and black as its enamel. Buy it here, to add some flare and a contemporary mood to tons of your different outfits. It’s a limited and numbered piece 100% handcrafted in Berlin for you.

This unique item, an UFO metallic box, available here in 3 sizes (from 85€), is promised to be a talking piece wherever you put it. It provides a spunky accessory to any room as well as useable hiding space. For secrets, diamonds or ever ashes.

It’s Halloween: are you scared?

Katherine Prentis


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