In summer 2013, a new device was released that will potentially change the way we interact with our computers. We’re willing to say that it’s not a big step, but a “leap.” The Leap Motion is a new intuitive gesture-based interface for PC and Mac. The sleek metal and glass device looks similar to an iPhone, and needs to be protected like one, too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Leap Leather Case is an artisan-crafted product, made in Italy, and is the first case for Leap on the market.

Why use a Leap Leather Case

The Leap case was developed by Artigianato Digitale, a new Tuscany-based startup founded by Fiore Basile, who has been amongst Leap’s Beta testers since last May. Artigianato Digitale has, as a stated goal, the desire to connect traditional artisans with the world of makers and social media, lean manufacturing and online tools like crowdfunding.

Fiore, a programmer, signed up as a tester for the Leap because he is working on a book on gesture interface. With the Leap on his desk since May, he realized that it needs to be protected from spills and bangs. Furthermore, when heading out with his macbook, throwing the Leap into his knapsack was not a wise option. Fiore wanted a case for his Leap, but not just any case. It had to be stylish (because he’s Italian).

As Tuscany is one of the world’s leading leather producers, Fiore opted for a collaboration with a local company that makes leather goods, Buti Pelletterie. With half a century of artisan skills behind them, Buti was an excellent choice. Used to creating luxury leather goods that require exceptional finishing techniques, the Leap case was a minor challenge. The finish on the case is the kind one can only get with a manual process, and the attention to perfect stitching is the mark of the Italian artisan industry for which it is known worldwide.

The case has been tested and refined so that it does not interfere with the sensor or its LED indicator light in any way. Its use should be as simple as a gesture, and its magnetic closure makes this possible.

Aesthetically, the Leap case is highly refined but also a bit retro, reminding us of the molded leather camera cases of the 1960s. Currently only available in natural tan colour with a lovely texture, further colours are expected to release later this year.

The uses of Leap

Connect leap to your computer and use 8 cubic feet of space around and above the device to control your navigation with natural hand gestures. Think of how cool you’ll look giving a powerpoint presentation looking like you stepped out of Minority Report!

Leap can be used with your browser and certain programs without any adapters, while some, like Photoshop, require the use of software to transform the gestures into understandable input. Leap’s Airspace store already has hundreds of free and paid tools in categories like productivity, education, games and more. In its first few weeks, the Airspace store has already had over one million downloads.

Leap is naturally connected to the world of makers since it brings digital output closer to physical space. It allows programmers to dream up new, more natural types of human-machine interface, the first steps towards a seamless and productive relationship with technology. Leap Motion has already been integrated with Arduino to control an animatronic Lamp that follows hand gestures with its light, and to produce an amazing Arduino powered wooden labyrinth ball game, where players’ gestures tilt the plane of the labyrinth to score by putting the ball in the hole. These are only a few examples of what maker's creativity can produce using the Leap advanced technology.

If you’ve got a Leap Motion and you care to protect it, order your Leap Leather Case on MakeTank today!


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