"I'd really like cbdisegno to be a real company someday," says Claudia Bignoli (the cb of cbdisegno). You can define her role in many ways - she's an architect, a designer, a maker - but not overconfident. Yes, cbdisegno still can't offer the same production volume of an actual company, but it already has what matters most: experience, ideas, inspiration. And a few design awards, too.

In 1994, Claudia Bignoli graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, and then she worked for many years as an architect and interior designer. But in 2010, she tells us: "I approached furniture and accessories design, which became my main job. Today I design and craft my ideas, thanks also to valuable artisans who, every day, help me to grow and to develop my knowledge of the production techniques and materials that I use."

Claudia uses mostly plexiglas and wood sheets. If they're just a few millimeters thick, they're laser-cut into shapes that are then snapped together to create the finished product. Making furniture, especially in larger sizes, is different: "I use a pantograph: it's a CNC machine that cuts wood sheets with great precision, matching my design, exactly like a laser cutter does with less thick sheets. Then, artisans and carpenters work with me to finalize the product".

Zen is a small computer table made in poplar

Claudia's creations are often inspired by nature, sometimes replicating natural shapes, sometimes trying to imitate simplicity, purity and perfection of nature itself. "I'm always in search of the essential and the depiction of fluidity. I like to think that objects have their own life, positioning themselves not statically but giving the idea of movement." That's why many of her creations are composed of geometric shapes representing movement, always changing with observer's point of view.

Vale lamp, laser-cut in methacrylate

This is the approach followed in Tata and Vale lamps, two objects Claudia particularly loves. Both are made with simple laser-cut sheets, 3 millimeters thick. "I think that, once you have put together all their parts, both give a very interesting spatial effect."

Take a look at all of Claudia's creations on cbdisegno on MakeTank.


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