Update: August 24, 2013 - new lower price, gorgeous location!

MEme Exposed is a temporary shop and series of events in Ferrara from November 25 to December 24, 2013. There’s room for 75 Makers, independent designers, modern artisans, fashion creatives, graphic artists and innovative enterprises working in the field of non-serial production. It’s a serious event, sponsored by the Region of Emilia  Romagna, the Local Government and the Municipality of Ferrara. MakeTank is a strategic partner of MEme Exposed.

Here are three good reasons why you should apply to the open call for this initiative.

1) A pre-Christmas store

MEme Exposed will be setting up a centrally-located temporary store in Ferrara from November 25 to December 24, 2013. That’s the month leading up to Christmas, the time of year during which the greatest percentage of spending takes place. The store will be strongly promoted by the organizers and sponsors of the event.

Within the store, the SmartExpo micro display system will nicely highlight the three products chosen for sale at the Temporary Shop. Best of all, staff members will be on hand to complete the sales, so you don’t actually have to go to Ferrara to sell there!

The location is the Mercato Coperto, previously a covered market and now a cultural space for special events like this one.

2) E-commerce for a year

The three products present in your Temporary Store will also be put on a customized e-commerce, where, like on MakeTank, you can produce on demand, i.e. after you receive an order (though for the Christmas sales, you’d do well to keep a stock ready!). The online store will launch the same day as the physical store in Ferrara – November 25, 2013 – and remain online for one year, until November 25, 2014.

3) Pitch opportunity

Participants will be invited to participate in a day-long meeting held in Ferrara at the headquarters of CNA, Chamber of Commerce and
 Unindustria of Ferrara, where they will pitch their projects to companies and potential investors. This is a priceless networking opportunity since the audience will be pre-selected as interested in your designs, meaning that a good pitch might catch the eye of a company interested in producing your designs or collaborating with you.

4) Copyright service

If you're concerned about copyrighting the products you have put up for sale, MEme's staff and the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara will take care of depositing the appropriate patents for you for a cost of €200, an excellent discount on a complex service.

How to participate

Participation in MEme Exposed costs €600 200* (+VAT) *Update: the organizers have found sponsors in order to significantly lower the cost!

  1. Fill out the form and all information on this page by September 1, 2013 - now by September 30, 2013. You may be a single person or a group.
  2. Entries will be considered by a jury, who will select only 75 exhibitors
  3. 3 representative products will be chosen for sale from the 5 you submit.

For more information take a look at http://memexposed.com.


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