MakeTank is a marketplace that allows you to promote yourself and sell your products worldwide. The marketplace started out right away by opening up beyond Italy to the rest of the world by being bilingual, so Makers from Italy and the rest of Europe could sell their products with the support of this blog to tell the stories of your creative processes, techniques and final results.

To be able to sell worldwide, however, you need to be aware of the following information and precautions.

Insert the right, full payment information

In the backend of MakeTank, insert and carefully check the information about your PayPal and Bank account information. PayPal is the most used payment method for e-commerce so if you don't have an account, now is the time to start. As for the Bank info, you can also receive payments by bank transfer, but you need to make sure that you provide the correct and complete information. Within any EU country, it's enough to indicate the IBAN, whereas for international transfers you need to provide also the SWIFT/BIC code. If you can't find it on your bank statement, ask at your bank and make sure you add this information to your MakeTank account!

Pay Attention to Tax handling

If you are a vendor based in an EU country and sell in your country you have to charge VAT (for example in Italy and in The Netherlands it is 21%, in Germany 19% etc) whether you're selling to a single person or a company. If you are in the EU and you sell to a company located in the EU but outside of your own country, that sale is VAT-exempt. If you're in the EU and selling outside the EU, the sale to a company or single person is VAT-exempt

For Italians: Here is a simple document that you can download from this page from the Province of Milan that talks about taxes treatment for e-commerce sales. Read it carefully and then check with your accountant.

MakeTank is not a fiscal consultant - we invite you to be aware of the consequences of selling worldwide but suggest that you always check with your accountant and be aware of the rules that apply to you in your country.

Carefully Check your Shipping Costs

Before you even open your shop on MakeTank and open yourself up to worldwide sales, we advise you to pack up all your items as if you had to ship it, to check the weights and measurements the shipping cost that results from each of the major couriers.

MakeTank allows you to pick from shipping profiles that show the customer the cost of shipping; you have to pick the one closest to your actual cost based on the weight and volume of each product. Please note that for large objects, knowing the weight is not enough. You must also consider the volume! Knowing which volumes cost more to ship can be useful for future design projects - think about shipping already at the design stage!

Properly Pack your Packages

Shipping large and fragile items requires particular attention to the packaging so that the items do not arrive damaged and cause return claims. If this happens, the Vendor will loose money, since they will have to refund shipping charges and provide a new item, unless you've chosen shipping insurance. Use a strong cardboard box and adequate internal protection in styrofoam or bubble wrap and sealed strongly with tape.

For some useful information about how to package your object check out this Royal Mail page.

It doesn't take much, and with the right planning, you'll be ready to ship your creations abroad as soon as the order comes in.


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