After the success of the first edition of DesignWinMake contest organized by MakeTank and Arredativo, we're into the second edition on a different topic altogether: the challenge is to hack an object with open hardware. We recommended using an extant object rather than designing a new one because we want to open up the possibility to people who don't have specific product design abilities, as is often the case in FabLabs. The contest this time is open EU-wide and requires sending us a few lines of code. While creativity will be taken into consideration, we made sure that we had a member of the jury particularly skilled at keeping our 'feet on the ground'. Daniele D'Arrigo is a physiotherapist and product developer at MakeAusili as well as being secretary and co-founder of FabLab Firenze.

Daniele's experience with open hardware began in 2012 , so relatively recently. He had become interested in medical devices for learning and comunication and he started developing and building personalized ones based on open platforms and hardware (like Processing and Arduino), looking for low cost, fast solutions to problems faced by his patients. This because often these auxiliaries are not only costly but they don't satisfy actual needs, so they remain sitting in the corner of a shelf, gathering dust.

The very same year, Daniele started sharing his experience with others, becoming co-founder of FabLab Firenze (he's also Secretary), which was established as an association dedicated to sharing the culture of makers and personal digital production. At the moment Daniele's major contribution has been leading the Arduino Café's or workshops, in which members have been working on new products for accessibility.



We asked Daniele what he hopes to see in the projects submitted for this edition of DesignWinMake:

"I would like it if the contest encouraged the creation of interactive projects (design + electronics) that resolve small or large, but very real problems faced by people or organizations. In fact, I think one of the big advantages of the open hardware community is that it makes it possible to make unique objects at a reasonable cost and pretty quickly, objects that are scaleable and that can be modified or bettered by other people with the same interest.

With thanks to Daniele, at this point it's time... to make! We're waiting to see your ideas.


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