Once considered a poor material used mainly for packaging, cardboard is suddenly appreciated for its texture, natural colour, versatility and ecological aspects. Easy to punch or laser cut, it lends itself to various elements of designer home decorating. Here are five cardboard design items that you can find on MakeTank.

Four Table

Four table

This unique low table is made from a series of waves that dip all the way down to the legs of the table. This table is perfect for the trendsetter's home -- there is truly nothing else like it.

01 Lamp

Fattelo's 01 Lamp available on MakeTank

The o1 Lamp is a punch-cut carboard lamp with a strong LED light at a reasonable price. It is shipped flat and is easily assembled and even customized - if you're creative you can draw or paint on it, or just keep it plain and appreciate the colour and texture of cardboard. Perfect for a desk lamp in a home or office!

Trittico Hanger

Trittico hanger by PcLab

This curvy cardboard coat hanger has just enough space and power to hang your jacket, keys, and put down the mail in your front hall. It's minimal but modern design gives it the ability to fit into any home design, while its construction of multiple layers of laser cut cardboard will provide a conversation piece as soon as people step in the door.


Firenze by BoommBoomm

Firenze is a punch-cut cardboard skyline of Florence. A city of beauty and architectural wonder, this is perfect to display on any mantle to remember a holiday in the Italian city or to hope to take one soon.

Cardboard Furniture Set

PcLab's cardboard furniture set

A single block that contains everything that you need to set up an information point at any fair, it can be also used in the home. This item is perfect for a child's playroom because it can be personalized - free space for your child to express his or her creativity! It's easily stored and assembled for an impromptu tea party.


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