We know Claudio Carnevali because he is one of the founders of openPicus, an open hardware company that we have already written about on this blog, but we haven't yet talked about Weezy, one of Claudio's projects. At first glance it seems like a normal wireless speaker for smartphones and tablets, of which there are hundreds, but actually it is a concrete object that will appeal more to audiophiles.

Weezy is not a speaker but a receiver. It does not contain an amplifier, but rather its role is as a connector between your home audio system and your smartphone or tablet. Sounds like a rather limited role in this time in which we are used to multifunction products that do everything? No! Rather, Weezy intentionally does only one thing because, as Claudio explains: "We wanted to return life to amplifiers and stereo systems that, after the pervasion of smartphones and headphones, have been gathering dust for some time." The idea is to combine the practical aspects of portable music with the audio quality that you can only get with the proper muscle power of a real amp and speakers.



Beyond the traditional stereo system, Weezy adds a sharing element because of its ease of connection. Weezy uses a Bluetooth 2.0 module in order to receive music from up to nine devices (obviously only one at a time) - many more than is usually permitted by wireless devices.

From a technical point of view, two further useful characteristics of the Weezy are portability - it weighs only 50 grams and is small enough to be carried anywhere - and standard connections. On its rear there is a mini audio jack and the cable (included) connects the device to the RCA input of any audio setup.


It doesn't hurt that Weezy also has a very attractive design, much more so than many devices in its market. Claudio explains: "We are Italian! Design is for us an element of distinction. Weezy was designed by Samuele Montorfano, a young and brilliant industrial designer from Milan. We wanted a beautiful object, soft, that looks kind of like the Brionvega design of the 1960s." It's a pleasant change from the laboratory-like look of many living rooms now, with cables all over the place. "In recent years, electronic accessories were ugly and so have been hidden inside furniture," continues Claudio, "while with Weezy, the device is intended to be the center of attention and of social activity, in which friends can easily share and listen together to their music."

Audio technology, design, and also the right price. You'd think it was made in Taiwan but not at all - it is 100% made in Italy. Costs are kept down by self producing by OpenPicus. Every part of the process is done in house, and in fact, Claudio tells us: "the Weezy ships with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by our production guys. We think this is really important, and we want to demonstrante that it is possible to make electronics, quality and design right here in Italy."

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