The creative gets up in the morning and produces ideas. Her brain is always in action, dealing with new inputs, little light bulbs that light up in her head, motivated and flexibile. The MakeTank vendor never stops!

But what are the main elements that lead to these ideas becoming concrete, turning into prototypes and saleable products that mix artisan tradition with new technologies? In this article we consider seven elements that we hope will inspire and push you to becoming more efficient not only in the way you work but in your desire to do so.


Step 1: passion

Never discount the importance of loving ones own work: it is the fuel that keeps you going all day. When you spend nights awake working on projects, experiments, discussions, sometimes with unsatisfying results, passion is what helps you deal with these moments, be they positive or negative. When pasion and professional approach mix in the right way, the main goal is (usually) not money, but it is sometimes one of the factors of a satisfying outcome.

Step 2: goals

Focus on one project at a time. Often, energy gets wasted when we try to develop too many prototypes at once without dedicating sufficient attention to the one that might be the winner. It is important to analyse them all together, to understand limits and positive aspects. Pick the right prototype with your heart and stomach, the one with the right materials and production time, the one that is closest to the idea you have in your head, and then concentrate all your energy on getting it finished.

Step 3: perseverance

Never give up! There will be a thousand criticisms, negative comments and rejection letters from people who will try to pull you down with their psychological wars. Learn how to identify the people who are envious and/or negative and don't let them influence you, especially if they think they always know better than you (they don't). Convincing yourself and sticking to it is something that often comes before the words to express it, so you may have to stubbornly stick to your concept even if there's pressure and problems that try to stop you. In real life, things don't always proceed as you wish, so remember that there is always another way, you just have to have courage and stick to it and you will find it. So, if in the end you don't find it, there's no real problem: start again, from the beginning, convinced that it'll go better.

Step 4: work hard

AUDENTES FORTUNA IUVAT (fortune helps the daring). If passion and perseverance are present, hard work is more fun than it might seem. Ok, so it won't always be easy, but each way will be positive and be a step towards a better life. If going to work on your project is something you do without will, exhausted or with a headache, maybe you need to reconsider things. With conviction, passion and all the rest, work is tiring but rewarding, and hard moments are overcome, helping to distribute the energy required to get things done.

Step 5: quality

Research is at the base of quality, and leads to the final product. An idea might be good to start with, but still requires a strong base, structure, and excellence in product development. In a difficult market like this one, niche products with good quality are often the winners.

Step 6: give

Part of being better than your colleagues involves involving them in your work. Team work and sharing is never negative and is value added for your ideas. Discussion, debates, shared research always helps make a product and the person better, more complete. We may miss something - a detail or something huge- when working alone, but our colleagues or friends can help by finding a solution we would not have thought of. So, develop your ideas, but don't be secretive or jealous: what comes out of your mind and hands will be for everyone in the end, so get people involved early on in the process.

Step 7: push

The best people are overachievers. Your creative fire is always on: after the first positive results, don't back down, don't slow down or relax, remain vigilent and ready for more! Ideas are in constant ferment, and your conscience will help you overcome your limits and go beyond. Remain convinced that you will always do better, not just with the products you create but for yourself in general, for your brain. All the best designers in the world continued to make prototypes and great designs and new collections until the day they died. Now, you too must channel your energy towards what inspires you most. Create, experiment, and you will always be smiling.


Your job is the best in the world: be convinced and you will go places.

“Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. In that case, be Batman”


Maria Celeste Pierozzi was born and raised in Florence, she loves the sea and computers, her dog, good food, and last but not least, her fiancé. She graduated in the Arts, has a Masters in the Communication and Planning of Cultural Heritage and another in Territorial Marketing from IED Firenze. For 10 years she has been working in PR. She works hard on social media and Communication 2.0, hoping to make everyone happy, including herself.


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