Mother's Day is May 12, 2013, leaving just about everyone who has a mom scrambling for an appropriate gift. Jewelry, flowers or a book are always an option, but how about something a bit more unique? MakeTank has a selection of products made in Italy using innovative production techniques. Every gift suggestion here is made to order just for your mom! Most of them are also under 100 euros.

Want these ideas without having to read all this text? Click here for our mother's day gift ideas Pinterest Board! (shhh it's okay, we won't tell)

For the young mom...

The strawberry pendant in laser cut acrylic, that ships with a nickel-free chain, is a fun accessory, easy on the wallet but that says 'you're like a breath of spring air' (even if she isn't...). Serve with a bowl of fresh, seasonal strawberries or a strawberry topped cake. Something deliciously edible, and something to remember the moment spent eating it together.

For the traveling mom (or the one who dreams of it)...

Get her the cardboard skyline of the marvelous city of Florence in Italy. If you can't buy her a surprise trip to Italy, this is the next best thing. Maybe it'll put some ideas in her head and she'll book a trip for the whole family.

For the nostalgic mom...

How about a vintage watch piece encased in silver and decorated with precious jewels remind us of the importance of the past. What better way to celebrate the generational importance of your mother? The gold plated chain is included!

For the romantic mom...

Candles. Or candle holders. It's a good standby. She'll love the minimalist Partou candle holder that holds extra tea-lights for extra long baths or dinners.

For the mom who loves flowers (that don't die)

Isn't it sad when cut flowers die? But if mom has a black thumb she won't want a potted plant either. This brushed aluminum wall clock has a floral motif but also keeps time. And decorates your wall. Wow, that is just that much better than a plant!

For the designer mom

The Re+ table lamp is a must have in any designer home. Its sexy red silk cable makes it look like it costs rather more than it does. (Note that for orders outside of Italy you can request a plug for your region - just include a note to the vendor).

For the mom who needs a break

What mom doesn't wish she had more time to herself... maybe even just to sleep! Make those few hours count with this ergonomic memory foam pillow that will soothe her neck pain. And not only - it has two small speakers inside that can be hooked up to play soothing sounds or tunes. Or just some white noise to block out her hectic life.

Give her a break this mother's day with a thoughtful gift!


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