The illumination of any space is important for both mood and functionality. Too often, we settle for solutions that just 'illuminate' but do not actually decorate or add feeling to a space. Here on MakeTank we offer a selection of lamps by independent designers, produced using innovative techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing, as well as others that are more artisanal. They come in different sizes, styles and price ranges. Here are five.

Block lamp

Block Lamp

Block is an exercise in self produced design using a desktop 3D printer, producing a low cost lighting option that can be a wall lamp or a table lamp. An interesting conversation piece due to its production technique, it's an economical solution when used in series as wall sconces for example in a long industrial hallway.

Vulcania hanging lamp


The hanging lamp over your dining room table is probably one of the most important centerpieces of the room, other than the excellent food you're putting on the table. Since the Renaissance, there have been 'conversation pieces' put in the dining room - painted plates or other works of art - to help kick off boring dinner parties. What better conversation piece than a hanging volcano? The vulcania lamp is assembled from 142 pieces of laser-cut cardboard mapped into waves that mimic a volcanic landscape. 3 light points provide up to 300 watts of brightness.

Grata wall lamp


The grata (the word for metal grate in italian) wall lamp is a work of art, handmade using different textures of metal. At 780€ it is not in everyone's budget, but consider that when off, it doubles as a wall sculpture, a veritable three dimensional and unique work of art that, placed over your sofa, beats a poster hands down. Picture it dressing up a bland apartment, or right at home on the irregular wall of a converted industrial loft.

01 Lamp

01 lamp

The 01 Lamp, often refered to as the Fattelo! lamp which is the name of its producer, is a sustainable design project by 4 young Italian guys. The project was successfully crowdfunded and MakeTank was a big supporter. Forget standard ikea or office supply desk lamps. With the 01 Lamp on your desk - and its nice LED light - people others will appreciate your creative side while you push that boring paperwork.

Re Mini

Re Mini

The Re Mini is the economical version of the Re+ table. Eco friendly to start (have you read the story of the Re+?), with just an 8 watt low energy light bulb this little lamp will provide a lot of light, and create ambiance depending on the colour of lampshade that you choose. We've tested it and found that the diffuser colour really does make a big difference - the open blue diffuser is quite cold, while the transparent white diffuser creates brightness.

What are you waiting for? Light up your life with lamps from MakeTank.


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