The project may be from 2009 but the idea is still great – actually, we might say it’s a best practice. The Re+ family of lamps, now for sale online in the Re+ MakeTank store and in select distribution points in Italy, comes out of a contest that connected a designer and a company open to change.

Re+ table lamp

Designer Stefano Giovacchini participated in a sustainable product design contest organized by the CNA (artisan guild) Prato in 2009 called “The home of the third millenium.” The goal of the contest was to push creatives to “find alternative solutions for accessories and home building elements that are durable and of artisan quality, that come out of industrial off-cuts to create new luxury objects thought for human interaction in order to make daily life easier and more emotionally pleasant.”

This was the perfect challenge for Stefano, who we know from his interview on this blog is a strong believer in design for all, and in sustainable design too. The contest put him in touch with Mariplast, a company that makes plastic supports for thread, and together they made Re+, a lamp that is sustainable, versatile, super colourful, totally recycled and recyclable, and also energy efficient. Re+ is available as a table lamp or in the suspended version, with diffusers that can be switched out to match or change the mood of the room. A further low-cost version was developed a while later. All the Re+ family of lamps can be customized for an international public upon request with the appropriate plug or voltage.

Re One Suspension

For the designer, whose methods are already very much based on collaboration, the experience was nonetheless a useful learning one that ended up in a long-term relationship: “With Mariplast, I had a professional relationship of mutual respect, but that was also a friendship and that developed into something long term, and this permitted me to develop a product in total freedom,” says Stefano. “I’d say it was a good learning experience and one that I hope to be able to repeat again soon.”

Re Mini

Fabia Romagnoli, CEO of Mariplast, is also satisfied: “Meeting Stefano allowed me to make concrete my idea of taking advantage of the most fun part of our production, which is otherwise very technical – the colourful and varied part. I really appreciate Stefano’s ability to reconcile creativity and concreteness, characteristics that meant we got along well right away and were able to complete the project.

Collaboration, creative extension, sustainability are all elements of this project that make it exemplary, while the versatile beauty of the lamps make them pleasant additions at a very low cost to any room in the house.

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