What happens when, at the Fuorisalone in Milan, you put a group of contemporary artisans and makers together, you teach them a new technology, and then you ask them to develop innovative and gorgeous products together? We don't know yet, but we'll be going to the Appartamento Lago from April 9 to 14, 2013, to find out.

MakeTank has been asked by TheFab to help 'contaminate' a group of about ten traditional artisans and new makers who will be present in the show-apartment of the furniture designer Lago in via Brera 30 in Milan during the Fuorisalone this year by showing them the potentials of digital fabrication.

The role of MakeTank here has been to choose and involve, for each day of this experiment, the principal services in Italy for the main techniques that the maker movement uses. Each morning, before getting started, the chosen service will give a presentation about the technique in which they are expert, giving the artisans added information to help them make more intelligent and unique objects, on top of being aesthetically beautiful, which of course is Lago's company mission - their Italian furniture is particularly special.

For each day and service that MakeTank has chosen, one material is protagonist, and the service's role is to suggest how to extend the possibilities of this material through new technologies. So, on Tuesday April 9, Miocugino will talk about CNC machining of metal. Wood stars on Wednesday April 10, while fabric and leather debut on Thursday April 11, two days led by the Milanese masters of lasercutting, Vectorealism. Friday April 12, our vendor Troy Nachtigall (Plug and Wear) will be up from Florence to talk about wearable technology in the use of the same materials, fabric and leather, studied the previous day. Saturday talk turns to ceramics with Tecnificio and Kentstrapper (service and production of 3D printers). Sunday has been conceived with young makers in mind - using paper and recylable materials, kids can also develop their ideas. You can find this group of people at work in the home from 10am to 7:30pm every day, and stop by to find out what comes out of this meeting of artisans and technicians!

It'll be a don't miss event to see how original objects get made using digital fabrication techniques - how wood can be made flexible, how to make amazing joints, how textile can become receptive to our mood, and much more. Important themes not only for artisans and designers but for the creative industry in general - Lago in fact shows it's clear intention to bring these new methods into its production line through this initiative. MakeTank is pleased to have been given the opportunity to collaborate and get our name known in the international context of Milan's famous Salone del Mobile, and in the most prestigious Appartamento Lago at that. If you have design in your DNA, do stop by!

On the same occasion, MakeTank and its partners are holding a cocktail party (aperitivo) for friends, vendors, journalists, makers and anyone else who wants to get to know us in person. Join us on Friday April 12 from 7pm onwards in via Brera 30 - please confirm your attendence via the facebook event.

Fuorisalone and MakeTank calendar

In the Appartamento Lago:

  • Tuesday April 9: metal with Miocugino
  • Wednesday April 10: wood with Vectorealism
  • Thursday April 11: fabric and leather with Vectorealism
  • Friday April 12: fabric and leather with Troy Nachtigall
  • Saturday April 13: ceramic with Tecnificio and Kentstrapper
  • Sunday April 14: paper and recycled materials

Friday April 12, 9:45am: Make Yourself workshop with Laura de Benedetto to talk about the best way to sell your products online (in Italian, see here)

Friday April 12, 7pm: MakeTank aperitivo at Appartamento Lago, via Brera 30 (invitation here)


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